ThatOldHippie Releases Controversial Debut Book - It's Not OK

It's Not OK slashes to the core of issues, concerns and behaviors of the American people and government. It's Not OK is a hard-core, no-holds-barred condemnation of American morals, manners, behavior, ethics, and priorities.

Drawing on personal experiences as a product of the 50s 60s and 70s, and using the Ten Commandments and Boy Scout Oath & Law as bases for his opinions,  ThatOldHippie offers clear, unabridged opinions on some 250 topics.  With it's wide range of subjects, and tell-it-like-it-is style, readers will undoubtedly rave at one page and rage at the next.  This could well be THE controversial book of the decade.

Skilled travel nurse and prize-winning photographer, ThatOldHippie, has set down the tools of his trades to pick up the pen for his first serious foray into journalism.  It's Not OK is a hard-core, no-holds-barred condemnation of American morals, manners, behavior, ethics, and priorities - complete with ruthless commentary on the political and economic enslavement of the American people by their own government.

From bad parking to pregnant teens,  the educational system,  excessive political correctness,  smoking,  governmental oppression, racism,  the privileged political process,  and entitlists suckling at the government's teat, and from media impropriety to herd mentality and complacency of citizens,  illegals,  the tax system,  foreign policy,  fast food,  the failing economy, and driving & eating habits - virtually no subject is sacred.  Readers that are offended by blunt honesty or profane language, as well as very politically correct readers, may want to take a pass.

ThatOldHippie, born to a bottom-rung, middle-class family, graduated high school in 1974, served a term in the U.S. Navy, and later went to college courtesy of the G.I. Bill.  Currently a travelling nurse and travel photographer, ThatOldHippie also maintains a presidential campaign website @, where a substantial amount of the material for It's Not OK originated.

It's Not OK is a self-published work, and is available at in hardcover, softcover, and PDF


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