Thakaa Technologies Prepares to Launch a Groundbreaking Product, 'Sajdah,' the World's First Smart Educational Prayer Rug

Doha-based, IoT hardware startup, got seed funding of $100,000 from the Qatar Foundation to develop an innovative smart prayer rug.

Sajdah - the World's First Smart Educational Prayer Rug

Thakaa Technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) hardware startup, is in the midst of launching the world’s first smart educational prayer rug. Sajdah is a smart educational rug that aims to teach new Muslims and kids the second most significant pillar in Islam.

Praying is a central pillar of the Muslim faith. It’s a mandatory religious ritual done five times a day at set times. Sajdah is an innovative, technically equipped prayer rug, which helps Muslims, both adults and kids, to learn different prayers, the proper postures when praying, and memorize the Qur’an. The mat system boasts a step-by-step learning experience for over 30 types of prayers. Languages such as Arabic and English are integrated into the device as well.

Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis, the innovator, co-founder, and CEO of Thakaa Technologies, together with Chief Growth Officer and co-founder Abdul Ali, aims to resolve the issues of the community through technology. The drive to seek further support for their awareness invigorated Khamis to partake in Qatar Science and Technology Park’s XLR8 program, which took place from February to April last year.

Abdulrahman was part of the eighth cycle of the XLR8 program, which included contestants from season 11 of Qatar Foundation’s hugely popular edutainment TV show Stars of Science – where he was one of the finalists. Khamis went on to co-found and become the CEO of Thakaa Technologies, a Qatar-based IoT hardware startup that specializes in the design and manufacture of smart and innovative hardware products.

“Our smart educational prayer rug strives to benefit all Muslims with their routine of prayers. It allows users to learn prayers, keep proper praying postures, and memorize important surah or verses of the Qur’an. Furthermore, the rug utilizes advanced technology to track the movements of the user, when to say the necessary prayers and the right posture to use,” says Abdul Ali.

“As a startup, we strive to build a strong focus on delivering superior quality and services to our clients. The launch of our Sajdah product lets us start setting the benchmark for the high standard of digital products. As our world continues to get smarter, so must our praying solutions. We are thrilled to lead from the front,” says Abdulrahman.

Sajdah is extremely practical for skilled Muslims who wish to read verses from the Qur’an, which they haven’t remembered when saying the prayers. An app accompanies it on the smartphone of the user.

Just recently, Sajdah has been nominated for World Summit Award 2020 as the most innovative solution in Learning & Education from Qatar. On top of that, the innovative product has been selected for incubation by Qatar Foundation’s Qatar Science & Technology Park.

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Thakaa Technologies is an IoT hardware startup based in Qatar, Sajdah is the first product, it's world-first smart educational prayer rug that teaches new Muslims and children the second most important pillar in Islam.

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Abdul Ali
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