TGT Challenges Industry Norm With Total Business Transformation

Improved asset performance for operators made possible with new approach to well diagnostics.

TGT, the category leader in through-barrier diagnostics for the oilfield services market today unveiled one of the most radical business transformations in its sector. Motivated by a singular purpose – to reveal a greater truth – the company turns the industry’s way of doing business on its head; shifting the commercial approach from "logging tools" to "Flow" and "Integrity" application-led "Products."

"We’ve been pioneering advances in well diagnostics for 20-years and built an extensive portfolio of products, technology, and customers", said Mohamed Hegazi, TGT’s chief executive officer. "Our new offering will transform how our customers manage their wells, enable much better decision-making and boost asset performance."

TGT has structured its new product-led offering in two domains—True Flow and True Integrity, each being a practical and symbolic extension of its "greater truth" brand promise, and representative of what customers demand from their well systems.

All well systems are built to connect the right fluids to the right places,” continued Mohamed. “Flow and integrity are intimately linked and essential for safe and productive operations. New product-led offering centres on two domains: Flow and Integrity. That’s why we’ve organised our business in to these two domains. This business approach means our products and diagnostic systems are relevant to all wells throughout their lifecycle.”

A major difference with TGT’s new offering is the commercial shift from "logging tools" to application-led "products", which use "diagnostic systems", not just tools to deliver the results.

“Tools are important but well systems are complex, so accurate diagnostics require a more powerful approach. We have perfected ‘diagnostic systems’ that combine remarkable tools with the right methods, data processing, and expert analysis to deliver accurate answers”, said Ken Feather, TGT’s chief marketing officer. “Operators need answers they can trust, so we developed a complete range for every eventuality”, continued Ken.

TGT’s new diagnostic systems use five proprietary technology platforms: Chorus, Cascade, Pulse, Indigo and Maxim, in various combinations to make the products.

“This exciting change marks a strategic pivot in our future direction as an oilfield service company”, added Ken. “The industry needs a fresh approach, and our new offering supported by a totally new and distinctive brand identity provides an incredible potential to grow.”

With its transformation efforts successfully implemented, TGT is now focused on championing the new through-barrier diagnostics category to help operators manage safe, productive and profitable wells. Among other developments, TGT expects to launch further new products and system advances throughout 2019.

About the new TGT brand identity

The striking new brand identity reflects all aspects of TGT’s new brand platform. It has been engineered to be distinctive and memorable, and provide an important signposting function to help customers navigate through the offering.

The new portfolio of products and diagnostic systems is structured in two primary domains – True Flow and True Integrity, each representing the two most important performance factors for all well systems. Circles and squares have been used together with distinct colour palettes to create unique identifiable dynamic patterns that represent Flow and Integrity. Building on this, priority colours from each palette are used to signify the three main tiers of the brand system, namely, Corporate, Products, and Systems.

At the corporate level, all the colours and patterns come together as one. TGT’s brandmark has been simplified and strengthened in line with the clean and simplified approach of the new brand.

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