TGI Fridays® Teams With CataBoom to Launch Five Fridays of Prizes

By launching new digital experiences for their guests on the industry's most advanced engagement and gamification platform, Fridays continues to create fun and engaging ways to interact with their brand.


 CataBoom Technologies LLC (CataBoom) // - CataBoom, a marketing software as a service (SaaS) provider and leader in gamified-marketing, announces the launch of Fridays Five Fridays of Prizes. To build on its innovative digital experiences, Fridays has teamed up with CataBoom to continue its offering of innovative table-side and digital experiences. Starting in December, guests will be introduced to a new gamification feature through Fridays popular loyalty program. Fridays is celebrating the month of December and future months that have five Fridays within the month. Fridays Rewards® members will have the chance to play games that will enable them to win points, prizes, and free food.

"I'm thrilled to bring the Five Fridays game to our loyal guests this December. We were able to quickly implement our first in-app game in close partnership with CataBoom as a way to drive digital engagement and reward our best customers in a new way. We're excited to celebrate the months with a 'bonus' fifth Friday with fun prizes and TGI Fridays food with our new Five Fridays game," said Lindsay Eichten, Director of CRM and Loyalty.

"We are excited to team with Fridays and be a part of their vision of creating unique and memorable moments for their guests. The challenge is always the same for brands - how do they establish deep, emotional engagement with guests and consumers?" said Doug Kramp, CEO of CataBoom. "With over 200 engagement experiences to combine or use independently, CataBoom looks forward to providing innovative, brand-right digital experiences for TGI Fridays as they look to surprise, delight and engage their customers."

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About CataBoom

CataBoom's industry-leading engagement and gamification platform creates captivating digital experiences that instantly reward behaviors and produce lasting emotional engagement. CataBoom clients can engage their employees and customers through any digital touchpoint while generating a verifiable ROI through numerous engagement metrics. The CataBoom platform has been used to create over 300 million engagement experiences for some of the largest and most respected brands in the world.

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About TGI Fridays
As the world's first casual bar and grill, TGI Fridays is the birthplace of fun, freedom, and celebration, bringing people together to socialize and experience That "Fridays Feeling;" a sense of celebrating the fun in everyday moments, big and small. For over 50 years, Fridays has been lifting spirits around the world with more than 700 restaurants in 54 countries, serving high-quality, classic American food and iconic drinks backed by authentic and genuine service.

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About CataBoom

CataBoom has helped brands deliver the “Boom!” since 2014 via its Catapult platform, the most powerful and intuitive gamification and rewards engine available. As an early pioneer in the industry, CataBoom has delivered 300 million transactions (and counting) to some of the most respected brands in the world. Our SaaS-based gamification and rewards platform is designed with the flexibility to be self-service and full-featured, enabling the creation and launching of digital campaigns faster and at a lower cost than traditional methods. The easy-to-use mechanics can be reconfigured in infinite ways to drive dramatic improvements in engagement and loyalty.

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