Texas Startup Introduces Help Sharing: Launches Highway Hand App That Aims to Crowdsource Roadside Assistance

Highway breakdowns are the biggest nightmare for vacationers around the nation. Yet, they are inevitable.

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​​True, there are umpteen numbers of roadside assistance services as well as insurance companies, but most people who have suffered a car breakdown reveal that either the roadside assistance services are too expensive or take too long to arrive even for quick fixes.

Sensing the dire necessity to provide real roadside assistance services to commuters while bringing people together in today’s digital age, Mr. Hamza Malik, CEO & Founder of Highway Hand, has developed a revolutionary mobile app to provide need-based peer-to-peer roadside assistance to people stranded on highways owing to car breakdowns.

The crowd-sourced roadside assistance service allows users to seek help from anyone in the Highway Hand community, and on the other hand, allows users to help fellow community members for free or a small charge. Highway Hand calls it “Help Sharing”.

“Highway Hand, unlike AAA and other roadside assistance services, empowers users to choose whom to call for help based on various factors such as expected cost, time taken and the previous track record of the service provider. Traditional roadside assistance service providers give no such information to the users in the event of a breakdown, and more often than not, users are forced to wait for long hours and pay dearly for an incompetent service,” says Mr. Malik.

So, how does the Highway Hand app work?

Available on iOS and Android platforms, users can install the app and sign-up to be a part of the Highway Hand community. The greatest strength of this app is that anyone can choose to seek or provide roadside assistance service to fellow community members. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to render basic roadside assistance such as changing a tire or jump starting a car; hence, anyone can opt to sign up as a service provider on the Highway Hand app.

For Roadside Assistance Seekers

In the event of a breakdown, users can flag for help with a brief description of the problem, and find a list of service providers with expected cost and time to reach. Moreover, users can check previous ratings and track record of the service providers to make an informed decision.

Strong on privacy and security, the app shares location and other personal details only when both the parties agree upon delivery / acceptance of the service.

“Highway Hand empowers users to make decision based on the price they want to pay and the time they are willing to wait. Also, users can check how the service providers have fared in their previous engagement. The app has a comprehensive system that allows users to rate the service providers for the quality and value preposition of the service,” adds Mr. Malik.

The Highway Hand app seems to be a god-send for people driving pre-owned cars, senior citizens, Millennials, first car owners and people in low income group.

For Roadside Assistance Service Providers

From a service providers’ standpoint, the app gives an opportunity to help people in distress either for free or for a small reward. Whether Good Samaritans looking to give back to the society by helping others in their hour of need, or others looking for additional income (students, auto-enthusiast / mechanic, tow-truck drivers, etc.), Highway Hand provides ample opportunities to earn, help and connect with new people.

Mr. Hamza Malik reflects, “There is a strong need to build a robust community in this digital age where people prefer communicating in a virtual world. Highway Hand is a humble attempt to solve a huge problem of our time while instilling the feeling of being a part of the community among commuters and service providers. As a service provider within the Highway Hand community, people stand to gain respect, camaraderie and also monetary incentives.”

Most highway breakdowns are attributed to minor faults such as flat tires, low gas or battery exhaustion. You wouldn’t want to wait hours for basic assistance such as help jump starting your car or to fix a flat tire – instead, you would wave to a community member for help. That is what Highway Hand app is all about.

The Highway Hand app is being launched today amid lot of media attention and users’ expectations. On its launch, Highway Hand Inc. is inviting people to download the Highway Hand app and sign up to help others by enlisting as service providers, as well as, to request help in case of need.

Pricing and Availability: Free from GooglePlay and iTunes at these links:

Download from iTunes

Download from Google Play

Source: Highway Hand, Inc.

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