Texas Electricity Ratings Announces 'The Ultimate Texas Electricity Shopping Tool Kit'

Simplifies Comparing, Shopping and Ordering Texas Electricity Service This Summer

Texas Electricity Bill Analyzer

Summer heat means higher bills. And with ERCOT’s reserve margin running razor-thin, people know that Texas electricity rates are going to be jumping like armadillos on hot asphalt. But this summer, Texas Electricity Ratings has assembled the Ultimate Texas Electricity Shopping Tool Kit to help customers find the best plan that fits their needs.

Texas electricity customers are deluged with so many provider plans and rates that it’s not surprising that most feel overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for electricity. With so many things to keep in mind like tiered-rates, variable rates, fixed rates, pre-paid and no deposit, energy customers want a tool to cut through the tangle of plans and take them straight to those offering the electricity service they want.

Texas Electricity Ratings is giving customers just what they’re asking for — and more.

Texas Electricity Ratings has harnessed data-driven plan analysis to produce a set of unique online tools that give Texas electricity customers a valuable resource to use when they shop for energy services. Not only do these tools help consumers sort through the enormous number of energy plans to find the best type suited to their needs, but they also calculate future bills based on those plans, show what rates match the customer’s normal usage and show what customers can expect to pay.

Texas Electricity Ratings’ Ultimate Texas Electricity Shopping Tool Kit includes:

1. Texas Electricity Rate Analyzer – The Rate Analyzer looks at account bill credits, usage tiers, flat rates and any of the other complicated plan features that trip up customers. It then sorts the best electricity rates from the questionable ones and recommends the plans that best fit customer needs. And it shows these results in realistic usage amounts other than the standard 500, 1,000 and 2,000 kWh tiers. The Rate Analyzer is the best way to accurately understand how the bill is going to look with a specific plan. https://www.texaselectricityratings.com/analyze-your-plan/constellation/12-month-w-bill-credit

2. Electricity Bill Calculator – Unlike every other bill predictor on the market, Texas Electricity Ratings’ Bill Calculator actually plots home usage to a seasonality curve. It then applies that data to any and all plans that someone is researching. Our Bill Calculator also breaks down rates at different usage levels as well as the estimated cost for each month of the year. It can even render detailed graphs and rates for each plan researched — all to give a clearer picture of how much a plan could cost. There’s nothing like it in the Texas market. https://www.texaselectricityratings.com/bill-calculator

3. The Texas Electricity Rate Meter & Lifestyle Meter – Texas Electricity Ratings’ Rate Meter instantly shows customers if a plan is a good fit based on home size or usage. Green means stable rates, Red means high/unstable rates. It’s as simple as Stop and Go. Customers can quickly sort through tiered-rate plans and “Gotcha” deals.

Texas Electricity Ratings’ Lifestyle Meter sounds fancy, but in reality, a customer’s electricity usage depends on more than the size of their home. Do they own an electric car to reduce their carbon footprint? Is their Smart Home with every device always playing? Is there a pool for the kids? Or are they frugal and carefully watch their electricity usage? All of these things affect their monthly energy consumption and in turn, the energy rate they pay. We put this meter with every rate on every plan on our website. The house sizes represent different energy needs depending on lifestyle. But the important thing to remember is that Green means stable rates and Red means high/unstable rates. Again, it’s as easy as Stop and Go.

4. Texas Electricity Plan Pickerhttps://www.texaselectricityratings.com/plan-picker: The Plan Picker helps customers select and curate their electricity options just by walking them through a series of basic questions: What is their ideal contract term? Do they use 1,000 or 2,000 KwH per month? What is more important - a low rate or a low deposit? Once a customer has answered, the Plan Picker displays the top plans that meet the customer’s needs. For customers who might not be veteran energy shoppers, Plan Picker reduces navigating the complicated Texas electricity marketplace into just a few clicks. 

5. Real Texas Electricity Customer Reviews & Provider Ratings – Our customer reviews provide Texas electricity shoppers with insights into the energy plans. Reviews say whether provider plans are affordable, if they help customers save money or if they should be avoided. Provider ratings cover all of Texas’ major retail electricity providers. We develop their ratings based on plan offerings, customer service and account management tools. But it’s the customer reviews posted to our site that provide the most insight.

And we also ask our customers to rank and rate our performance. To date, we’ve received over 7,000 5-Star Reviews on Shopper Approved.

Texas Electricity Ratings advocates for consumers and evaluates providers in the Texas electricity market for features and characteristics that typical energy customers may miss, such as high deposits, variable rates, incentives, "free" plans and minimum usage plans. Since 2009, we’ve helped over three million customers get the best rates and find the best energy providers. 

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