Texan Tech Companies Partner to Assist Critical Infrastructure

Red Trident Inc. and Dispel Announce Remote Access Solution for Industrial Systems

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​​​​Texas technology companies Dispel and Red Trident Inc. today announced their new partnership, providing an affordable, secure, easy-to-deploy solution for remote access to Industrial Control Systems.

Industrial facilities are being challenged during this COVID-19 outbreak to provide remote access for their employees. Red Trident’s Access Solution (RTAS), powered by Dispel, provides remote login capabilities for secure, reliable, and fast remote access to Industrial Control System (ICS) networks.

Red Trident and Dispel can deploy this secure, affordable solution in 4-6 hours. The product reduces risk by eliminating travel time to remote assets, limiting employee exposure to dangerous situations, enhancing remote access capabilities, and significantly improves security.

“As a small business full of veterans, we care about our country and community. We have heard our friends and peers in the industry, and they are concerned about going to their workplace; however, some of their companies don’t have remote worker capabilities. We took this challenge head-on and worked with several of our close partners to create several easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solutions to solve these problems. Our goal is to provide a benefit to businesses and the workers that keep America moving,” said Emmett Moore, CEO of Red Trident.

The user experience is simple, with two access options: a native application (low security) or a virtual desktop (high security). Users reach their assets through a customer-specific, encrypted Moving Target Defense network. Connections from the ICS network are outbound-only, requiring no open inbound ports. User-specific whitelisting and two-factor authentication are included out-of-the-box.

“Dispel, together with our partners, is working with cities and towns to ensure essential water, power, and gas services remain available to the populace. Even as workforces become and remain remote, we are ensuring safe, simple, and reliable access to industrial systems for affected communities,” said Ethan Schmertzler, CEO of Dispel.

The solution targets those with unpredictable remote access needs, offering plans ranging from multi-year contracts to pay-as-you-need deployments. The technology is designed to scale with demand.

“We understand your challenges because we have all worked in industrial environments. Our solution is proven to work in your networks without causing disruptions or downtimes. All of your environments are dangerous and also very critical to our fragile society. You need a solution that enhances your capabilities, protects your workers and assets and allows you to continue providing critical services to our country and economy. Your industrial control systems teams finally gain remote access without compromising the security of the ICS network,” said Moore.

Whether the current viral pandemic, floods, or a Gulf hurricane, Red Trident’s Remote Access Solution, powered by Dispel, provides simple and secure remote access to keep systems up and running.​ 

If you have critical assets and need rapid implementation of remote access and/or virtual desktops, please contact Red Trident (https://redtridentinc.com/) or Dispel (https://dispel.io).

​About Red Trident
Red Trident Inc. creates custom solutions to protect critical infrastructure, to ensure that your organizations’ ability to operate and maintain revenue stays intact. The defense strategies Red Trident designs are unique to their client’s environments, risk maturity levels, highly collaborative between OT/IT. Learn more at https://redtridentinc.com/

​About Dispel
​Dispel is the world’s leading provider of Moving Target Defense Networks; designed, built, and maintained in the United States. Founded in 2015, the cybersecurity company has offices in Austin, New York, Washington, D.C., and Tokyo. Dispel’s technology deploys custom networks to OT/ICS protecting utilities globally. Learn more at https://dispel.io

Media Contact:
McKenna Cosway
Phone: (917) 268-4029
Email: press@dispel.io

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