Tex Earnhardt's Birthday Becomes a Massive 'Day of Giving'

​On Wednesday, Dec. 9, friends and family of Tex Earnhardt will continue their mission to honor the wishes of the beloved icon by giving back to the communities and people that helped make Earnhardt Auto Centers what it is today. A total of $69,000 has been contributed to charity, commemorating the 69+ years that Earnhardt Auto Centers has been in business and serving its surrounding communities.

Starting today, on what would have been Tex’s 90th birthday, large donations will be made to Phoenix-area charities. These generous funds were donated by Tex Earnhardt’s friends when he passed away on April 19 of this year. In cooperation with the Earnhardt family and Tex’s friends, the substantial donations to local charities are in the name and memory of Tex Earnhardt, founder of Earnhardt Auto Centers.

Six (6) different charities will be sent funds to continue their mission of helping those in need:

Child Crisis Center:              $15,000

St. Mary’s Food Bank:          $12,000

Boys and Girls Club:            $10,000

House of Refuge:                  $11,000

New Leaf:                             $10,000

Mother’s Grace:                    $11,000

The total sum of donations ($69,000) will surely help those in need during these difficult times.

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Source: Earnhardt Auto Centers