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With the recent spike in home water testing, TestAssured expands its online selling to channels like Amazon, eBay, and more.

At Home Water Test

JUPITER,  -- TestAssured, a water testing kits supplier, has partnered with Amazon to sell their Lead Testing Kit and Complete Testing Kit on Amazon’s web platform. The partnership will make it easier for customers to access affordable water testing kits to ensure quality, drinkable water in their homes and businesses.

From minerals like lead to harmful bacteria, many contaminants can have adverse impacts on human health. This is especially true for people with chronic health problems who are susceptible to germ exposure and infection, such as those undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplants, pregnant women, and infants. Water testing is increasingly important to modern communities to identify problems and determine if homes and businesses need to invest in additional water filtration systems.

Selling on Amazon has helped businesses like TestAssured increase sales and reach new customers since 2000, according to the website. The new partnership will help customers make quick, easy, and worry-free purchases of water testing kits. The partnership also allows customers with Amazon Prime to receive purchased water testing kits with free shipping in just two days, with some locations even offering free same-day delivery.

About TestAssured

TestAssured is a developing leader in at-home water testing kits that allow customers to test water for lead, pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants. TestAssured’s most popular products are the Lead Testing Kit and Complete Testing Kit. Check out their website at WaterTestingKits.com for more information about current and developing products.  For more information please contact Holly Radford at (877) 707-9464.

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TestAssured sells a wide variety of at-home water testing kits and supplies. All of our products are made to allow customers to easily test their own water at home quickly and easily.

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