Terry Sloan Thompson Makes Donation to Help Senior Citizens in Savannah, Georgia

Senior citizens from all over the country choose the greater Savannah, Georgia to settle down and enjoy life.​ From the active lifestyle to classes to social gatherings make the area ideal for the residents. But it's because of other residents like Terry Sloan Thompson that these services and resources are there to become appreciated.

Recently, Thompson made a substantial donation for $2,000 to the Senior Citizens, Inc.'s Center for Successful Aging Capital Campaign. Through the campaign, Thompson's contribution becomes matched. But only once the campaign reached their $100,000 goal by the deadline.

"Knowing what these donations can do to help impact the senior citizens of our community is worth the donation," says Thompson. "The services they require are essential to the community as a whole."

The Senior Citizens, Inc.'s Center for Successful Aging will include many new features for senior citizens. These resources and services are revolutionary to the community and have had a warm reception from residents.

First, a new Adult Daytime Care Center has become the forefront of the plans. The new building, a state-of-the-art facility, will help with the growing population of frail adults. Also, those with short-term and long-term fragility can take advantage of the center. Plus, those with cognitive issues are welcome.

Second, a new expanded Learning Center will feature one-of-a-kind programs for senior citizens. These programs already draw more than 250 older adults each week for classes, instruction, conversation, and lectures.

The renovation of the Main Building is also in the plans. The unique building is crucial to the continued success of Senior Citizens, Inc. Due to the strategic location and large campus, the main building has become the primary focus for many older adults.

While maintained with care over the years, the property has become underutilized. Also, the building needs a modernization upgrade to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Renovations of Main Building And Learning Center Important To Community

These renovations of the main building with campus changes will allow room to expand current programs and classes. They will also provide a more welcoming and attractive environment for senior citizens and other clients. Furthermore, they will give space to rent to other mission-related groups that assist older adults.

"The one program that I have taken an interest in has been the Meals on Wheels service," says Terry Sloan Thompson. "One reason why I donated was to assist in that program as much as I can."

The renovation of the main building offers a second large and central kitchen for the growing Meals on Wheels program. The home-delivered meals have become an increasing program in the Savannah area, with hundreds of citizens taking advantage.

Also, there is a significant waiting list for those wanting meals delivered to their homes. With the larger kitchen, those on the waiting list become regular customers.

With the donations and increased income, the expanded facility lowers the cost of per unit and alleviates the waiting list, meeting individual needs. The center also adds a secondary kitchen that extends meal capacity.

"Also, The Learning Center has become the building where many senior citizens come to gather on a daily basis," says Thompson.

The Learning Center allows a wide variety of programs throughout a day. Residents start their day with conversation, coffee, and daily newspaper reading in The Club Room. From there, residents can partake in the different programs and courses available.

These classes range from one-hour lectures and courses to multiple-week sessions devoted to specific topics. Also, conversation circles, social events, and skill-building courses such as writing, yoga, and computer learning are available throughout the day.

"I'm really glad the donation I made has been matched and will assist our senior citizens," says Thompson. "I hope to contribute once again next year."

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