Terry Sloan Thompson Donates to Senior Citizens, Inc.'s Center for Successful Aging Capital Campaign

​Many senior citizens become drawn to the Savannah, Georgia area for the active lifestyle and resources available. But because of residents like Terry Sloan Thompson, these resources and facilities become available to those older citizens.

Recently, Thompson donated two-thousand dollars to Senior Citizens, Inc.'s Center for Successful Aging Capital Campaign. The campaign had become part of a matching challenge. Therefore, Thompson's donation became matched dollar-for-dollar if the campaign raised $100,000 by the deadline.

"I have been a supporter of Senior Citizens, Inc. for many years," says Thompson. "I am so grateful for the support and assistance they provide for the Center for Successful Aging. Also, I hope my donation will continue to help them provide the best resources for the older adults in the community."

Every Dollar Goes Towards The Learning Center

Donations like Terry Sloan Thompson's impact the lives of the community's older adults for years to come. Because of caring residents like Thompson, the community help renovate their project.

This project includes a new adult daytime care center. This center helps with the growing population of frail adults and those with cognitive health issues.

Also, the donation assists in building more meeting space for The Learning Center. This area draws more than 400 adults each week for lectures, instruction, classes, and conversation. Plus, a vast auditorium will become available for meetings and events.

Furthermore, the renovated central Senior Citizens, Inc. building includes more room to expand the current programs offered. Also, services like Meals on Wheels receive more accommodation for activities and gathering food for delivery in the community.

"The Meals for Wheels program has become a vital service for the older citizens of our community," adds Thompson. "More residents have become dependent on these meals at their home. It's a great feeling knowing the donation can provide more room for the workers and opportunities."

Senior Citizens, Inc. already has a significant waiting list. With Thompson's donation and the program to match dollar-for-dollar, the group can lower cost per unit. Reducing costs can alleviate the waiting list and meet more individual needs.

Also, the center includes a secondary kitchen can be used to expand meal capacity. All-in-all, more room, and a shorter waiting list benefits older citizens in the community and helps those in need of meals every day.

The atmosphere is Fun and Collegial​

The Learning Center, which has become the hub for services and classes, provides intellectually engaging, humanities-based educational programs.

These classes range from one-hour lectures and courses to nine-weeks of sessions on a variety of topics and subjects. Conversation circles, discussion groups, and skill-building courses such as water cooling painting, writing, and yoga are also a part of the ongoing curriculum.

"It's great to know that this renovation project assists with improving the daily life of our senior citizens," adds Thompson. "Providing more room for classes helps them stay occupied throughout the year."

Also, The Learning Center offers a wide variety of academically-rigorous learning opportunities. Plus, foreign language conversation circles providing German, Italian, French, and Spanish courses meet weekly at the center.

But donations help senior citizens enjoy a full day at the center. The Learning Center offers members to start their day with coffee, conversation, and daily newspaper reading in The Club Room. Then, at class time, the members join fellow residents for either a lecture or instruction. In between classes, they talk with instructors, catch up on email at the computer lab, or grab coffee with friends.

"It's almost as these members are at college," Thompson remarks. "I love that the center provides a comfortable setting for members. I plan on donating to the center and Senior Citizens, Inc. for years to come."

To learn more about Senior Citzens, Inc. and The Learning Center, visit their website here.

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