Terry Sloan Thompson Donates Money to South Carolina Charity Berkeley Hall Charity Cup

The Berkeley Hall community has a rich chronicle of philanthropy throughout the state of South Carolina. Citizens in the surrounding areas support the group's charitable events. Terry Sloan Thompson recently made a generous donation of $1,200 to the organization.

Although there are many different charitable organizations in the state and country, The Berkeley Hall group has become a precious asset to the community.

The mission of the organization is to "Make a difference by addressing the basic human needs of the greater Bluffton Community, especially those who are most vulnerable."

The Foundation Started Over Ten Years Ago

Since the foundation started in 2008, the group has made over 80 grants totaling over $800,000 through the support of their membership program. The organization has become grateful to those worthy charities that take advantage of the money raised.

"The organization promises to make a difference in the community," says Terry Sloan Thompson. "That is why I donated to this organization. The amount of money raised helps improve the lives of those struggling."

Also, the group makes the necessary effort in improving the community as a whole. They firmly believe everyone should be available to gain assistance, no matter what the situation has become.

The Berkeley Hall Charitable Fund became instituted under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. The origin group is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization located on Hilton Head Island. Also, in 2014, the Berkeley Hall Charitable Fund established its own 501(c)(3) and became administrated by volunteers of a Board of Trustees. Then, The Berkeley Hall Board of Directors become an essential piece of the foundation.

Money Raised Goes To Local Nonprofits

"From starting as a small organization, it's amazing to see the foundation grow into something that gives back the community on a major level," says Thompson. "So many good people have become involved with raising money. I'm happy to be one of those individuals."

The funds raised from member donations, including the Charity Cup events, and other fundraising activities become available to the local nonprofit groups. Also, these selected groups go through a rigorous grant application and evaluation process. After each group has gone through these steps, they benefit from the funds raised.

Also, the group holds other events. For example, last year's Memorial Day event raised the overall amount raised by the group to $1 million.

The 2017 Berkeley Hall Charity Cup funds projects and groups for the 2018 calendar year. After going through the process, these groups earn the funds available to help residents of Bluffton.

For donors, the weekend of events has become worthy of the ticket price and donation money. The weekend has become filled with activities like lunch socials, competitive golf, gatherings, and good company for those who attend.

Weekend of Events During Berkeley Hall Charity Cup

The weekend kicks off with an opening cocktail reception event and silent auction. The sponsor of the reception, Audi Hilton Head, showcases some more of the luxury lines of vehicles.

Then, on Saturday, the clubhouse becomes home base to the golf tournament. For those who do not yearn to participate in the golf tournament, there are different golf games available.

Hole-in-one prizes, on-course contests, low gross and low net prizes, and other contests offer different ways for money to become raised. Also, more games are playable in the clubhouse.

"The weekend allows for fun and relaxation, but the mission does not change," says Thompson. "Everyone involved knows the reason why these events are happening. Every dollar helps."

Furthermore, some of the groups that thrive from these fundraisers are Volunteers in Medicine Hilton Head Island, Child Abuse Prevention Association, Boys and Girls Club of Bluffton, Meals on Wheels, and Bluffton-Jasper County Volunteers in Medicine. The list continues as more groups apply for grants each year.

To learn more about The Berkeley Hall Charitable Fund, you can visit their website here.

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