Terry L. Fox Provides Cutting-Edge Insight Into Curing Complex Real Estate Title Defects

Fox delivers keynote presentation at the National Business Institute's annual CLE on Top Tools For Curing Title Defects

Featured Speaker - NBI's Lecture Series on Curing Title Defects

Terry L. Fox, Esq., senior partner at the real estate boutique firm of Fox & Moghul based out of Fairfax, Virginia, delivered a cutting-edge lecture at the National Business Institute's ​CLE on Top Tools for Curing Title Defects. 

"My goal was to simplify a relatively complex process by providing easy and understandable solutions," Fox said. The structure of this course was primarily designed by highly experienced practitioners of real estate law who confront complex title disputes as a part of their practice on an almost daily basis. The topics included:

  1. Common Title Issues and Ways to Resolve Them
  2. Utilizing Affidavits and Deeds
  3. Using Surveys and Agreements to Identify and Resolve Boundary Issues
  4. Title Insurance: Maximizing Protections and Insuring Over Defects
  5. Negotiating the Release of Liens and Other Adverse Interests
  6. Using Quiet Title Actions and Other Litigation Claims to Cure Defects
  7. Legal Ethics

As a licensed settlement agent, moreover, Fox brings years of experience and a commonsense approach to resolving some of the most complex title defects. Fox has over 25 years of experience in real estate transactions, both commercial and residential. He has represented Home Owner associations and homeowners in litigation and served as an HOA Board member for several years.

"His depth and breadth of experience in this field is truly an asset," one real estate attorney familiar with Fox's work said. Fox has handled more than 3,000 commercial real estate transactions for multinational corporations such as Exxon Mobil. His work as a partner at the firm of Fox & Moghul involves resolving some of the most complex disputes in this area, including handling due diligence matters such as feasibility, zoning, environmental studies, governmental planning, and title issues for both acquisition and disposition of commercial property and leasing.  

Fox is an active member of both the California and Virginia Bars, and a licensed settlement Attorney.

More information can be obtained at the NBI's website at https://www.nbi-sems.com/83634. Fox may be contacted at his firm at [Seven Zero Three]- [652]-[five five zero 6]

Source: Fox & Moghul - Attorneys at Law