Terry Fox & Faisal Moghul Co-Publish Article With LexisNexis on Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Estate in Virginia

Terry Fox and Faisal Moghul's latest publication with LexisNexis Analyzes the Complex Processes Involved in Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Transactions

Attorneys Terry Fox and Faisal Moghul's latest co-publication titled "Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Estate Property (VA)" was published with LexisNexis on November 8, 2021. LexisNexis is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory, and business information and analytics that help customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes, and advance the rule of law around the world.

Fox & Moghul is a Fairfax, Virginia-based boutique litigation firm that handles complex real estate and commercial disputes, including commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions. Given the sheer number of transactions that the firm handles in this area of the law, attorneys Fox and Moghul co-authored this publication with the goal of providing legal practitioners a 'how-to' guide with respect to negotiating key issues in such complex transactions.

"I hope that lawyers working in the commercial real estate industry will benefit from this," said Fox, senior partner at Fox & Moghul, a real estate boutique firm that represents a variety of real estate investors, developers and high-net worth individuals in commercial purchase and sale transactions. "Even if you are not a lawyer," Fox said, "this article provides critical guidance for real estate investors and high-net worth individuals seeking to park their money in real estate."

In analyzing this complex issue in the area of commercial real estate law, the publication touches on several key issues that attorneys should keep in mind while structuring a commercial real estate purchase and sale transaction. Among other things, this article details both buyer and seller specific considerations for attorneys representing either side, and concludes by explaining the typical settlement process for consummating such transactions. Terry Fox and Faisal Moghul utilized their years of experience in this field to research and formulate this article.

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Source: Fox & Moghul