TerrAlign's Ken Kramer Presents at Sales Territory Alignment and Management Webinar

Industry Experts Discuss the Importance and Benefits of Strategically Aligning Sales Territories and Optimizing Sales Resources

Ken Kramer, The TerrAlign Group's Director of Product Marketing & Business Development, presented at The Sales Management Association's webinar Aligning Sales Territories on January 21, 2011. The panel of experts also included Neil Ackerman, Program and Enterprise Management, Business Process and Technology at Altria, Chris Mall, Sales Investment Manager at W. W. Grainger, and Bob Kelly, Chairman of the Sales Management Association.

Topics discussed include:

* Evaluating sales force size and structure
* Customer coverage and sales deployment cycle
* Maximizing sales productivity and communicating for success
* Integrating sales territory management tools into CRM systems
* Key issues in sales territory alignment
* Competitive advantages of strategic sales territory alignment
* Benefits of optimizing sales resources

"For over twenty years, TerrAlign has been developing sales territory alignment software and services, long before other industries and companies recognized that this was a strategic benefit to the company," said Kramer. "Our goal is to educate companies and demonstrate how strategic sales territory alignment can increase sales and profits, reduce travel time and maximize potential and opportunities, and I am excited to share what we have learned with The Sales Management Association's community of sales professionals."

Find a link to the recorded webinar, Aligning Sales Territories, at http://www.TerrAlign.com .

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