TerrAlign's Ken Kramer Presents at Sales Performance Management Webinar

Industry Expert Discusses the Benefits of Investing in Sales Performance Management Technologies

The TerrAlign Group's Director of Product Marketing & Business Development, Ken Kramer was a featured speaker at The Sales Management Association's Sales Performance Management webinar "Refocusing Sales Operations: Making the Case for Technology Investment" which aired April, 2010.

Topics discussed include:

> Sales Operations' role in driving innovation and engineering sales force productivity
> Strategic benefits of and expected gains from Sales Performance Management, incentive compensation automation and sales territory alignment technologies
> Quantifying return on investment and strategic importance of sales-impacting technology investments

"Sales Operations are under tremendous pressure to perform and are often without the support or resources they need to get the job done right," said Kramer. "The technologies of today offer companies advanced tools that can be used to quickly and easily increase sales productivity. TerrAlign's Sales Resource Optimization solutions have been used by leading companies across all industries to improve sales performance and I am excited to share what we have learned with The Sales Management Association's community of sales professionals."

Visit TerrAlign.com to attend the recorded webinar.

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