Termosha Baby Smart Thermometer From Russia! New Generation Gadget Soon on INDIEGOGO.

Termosha Thermometer - kid-friendly and really smart!

Termosha Baby Smart Thermometer

RELSIB, a Russian innovative company from Novosibirsk, the center of Russian high-tech research, developed an absolutely unique baby electronic thermometer Termosha. Termosha Smart Thermometer is an all-in-one device intended for taking a body temperature as well as the temperature of liquids, gases, plastic and friable substances. Termosha Smart Thermometer is a real helper in a day-by-day routine of all families available now at www.termosha.com.

But its main destination is to take the body temperature of babies. Termosha Baby Smart Thermometer is absolutely safe for the most precious little patients. It has a wide flat probe without a metal tip; it is more convenient for taking the temperature in the armpit and more pleasant to do that under the tongue. It is made of a hypoallergenic medical plastic. Termosha takes a body temperature with the highest precision of ±0,1°C; the thermometer provides the first result in 40…120 seconds with the function of prediction. The thermometer turns on automatically as soon as the probe is heated and transmits the data via Bluetooth to a smart phone or a tablet. Little children can measure the temperature by themselves without the help of adults through children's mobile app. An amusing little octopus also named Termosha will entertain kids in the process of measuring: he will show his home, introduce his mom and dad, and play games. Kids won’t even notice as the time flies by. If the temperature turns out to be high, Termosha will tell a child what to do:  get into bed, take medicine given by her/his parents, or sponge down.

The thermometer is waterproof; it can also be used for taking the temperature of water, air, food, etc. Termosha is excellent for temperature control of a baby food before feeding; the water in a bath before bathing, air inside a room and outside, food in the process of cooking as well as the temperature under the baby’s clothes near feet during a stroll.  The measurement range of the thermometer is from -22 to +158°F (-30…+70 °С). The temperature readings are transmitted to a smart phone or a tablet via Bluetooth up to 50m. Up to 6 thermometers can be connected to one mobile device.

The thermometer operates with three mobile applications both on iOS and Android. The first one is THERMOMETER TERMOSHA for a baby temperature taking. It displays the temperature values through animation, entertains kids with games and teaches them what to do at various temperatures. 

The second universal app is THERMOMETER SMART FAMILY. With this application, it is possible to measure and monitor all temperatures stated above. The app notifies when the temperature is beyond set limits, records it in a graph, saves data in a calendar, and sends them via email.

The third one is a special woman’s application - THERMOMETER LADIES SMART. In this application the developer provided everything a woman can need for basal temperature measuring, comparing the menstruation cycles, even the capability to send the readings to her doctor by email. All apps can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play.

Termosha is a Russian gadget which will become a new standard of the electronic thermometers which not only operates with a mobile device but becomes one device for any temperature taking in the home. Within the next two months, Termosha crowdfunding campaign will be launched on Indiegogo.

For more info, please visit www.termosha.com.

Media Contact:
Alexander Glukhov
Marketer, Relsib, LLC


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