Teresa Heaver of Kabeara Kennels Providing Essential Care to the Samoyed Breed

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​On a property spread over nine acres in Lockport, Illinois, Teresa Heaver, owner of Kabeara Kennels, fully understands the history and the type of care the Samoyed dog breed needs before going to their forever home.

The kennel’s six-thousand square-foot facility has two floors where Heaver spends essential time in forming a bond with each dog. She is able to devote her time and energy required to ensure every family and home have made the right choice in buying from Kabeara Kennels. Most of their litters are from champion bloodlines, which is why Teresa Heaver is able to guarantee the general health for all of the dogs. She goes to great lengths to demonstrate the friendliness of the breed by sharing videos on YouTube.

"People that have Samoyeds know they make a great addition to their family. They truly are one of the best dog breeds."

Teresa Heaver

Teresa Heaver is quick to let owners know about the unique care of her dogs. Before any transactions are able to take place, she spends time going over matters with prospective owners, introducing them to the parents of each puppy, letting them get an idea of each dog’s temperament, and providing a detailed medical history for the respective blood line.

Samoyeds - also known as Nemetskaya Laika, Samoiedskaya Sobaka, or Bjelkier - are unique thanks to their long history, which dates back more than one-hundred years. Before becoming common among U.S. households as domesticated pets, they are often used in Antarctic expeditions. They are able to handle the harsh weather conditions on the continent.

Teresa Heaver and Kabeara Kennels have been devoted to raising the breed for over three decades. Because of her experience, she glows about the breed. “People that have Samoyeds know they make a great addition to their family. They truly are one of the best dog breeds.”

Are you interested in bringing a Samoyed puppy into your home? Here are some important facts and notes about the breed that you need to know.

1. Samoyeds have a natural smile

One of the traits of the breed that attract people is its trademark smile. The upward corners of their mouths make the dog look very happy, and is nicknamed the “Sammy smile.”

2. Samoyeds love children and other dogs

The breed is very playful and docile but never threatening. Teresa Heaver adds that their known bursts of excitement are contrary to their usual gentle predisposition.

3. Require a lot of expertise

Teresa Heaver stresses the fact that the Samoyed needs to have plenty of exercises. This translates even into the winter months, as you can expect them to spend a significantly longer time outdoors, becoming much more reluctant to come inside.

4. They are hard to groom

When prospective owners come to Kabeara Kennels, Teresa Heaver stresses the fact that the Samoyed needs to be groomed properly. The breed sheds a lot of hair and must be brushed frequently, or else its coat will become tangled. They have a double coat, with the thick, short, and soft hairs being in the bottom layer. The outer layer has straight, rough hairs.

When you buy a Samoyed puppy from Teresa Heaver, you can rest-assured that all of her dogs are registered with the Kennel Club. She ensures that she is able to provide the correct paperwork for any dog that comes out of her kennels.

Teresa Heaver provides the kind of expertise and care required to produce some of the finest puppies for families looking to add a loving member to the family. For those seeking a lively and loving addition to their home, the Samoyed is definitely the perfect breed. If you are considering bringing a new member of the family home, Kabeara Kennels is the perfect place to go.

Source: Teresa Heaver

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