Teresa Heaver of Kabeara Kennels is the Preferred Breeder of Samoyeds in the Chicago Area

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​For over 35 years, Kabeara Kennels has taken pride in their breeding and care of Samoyed puppies. Many of their top quality, pure-bred Samoyeds come from champion bloodlines, which is one reason why Teresa Heaver and Kabeara Kennels guarantee the general health, hips, and eyes for all of their puppies and adult dogs.

Near Chicagoland and situated on nine acres of land in Lockport, Illinois, Kabeara Kennels has more than enough room for the fun-loving, playful Samoyed breed to run and play.

Every puppy and adult dog is housed in Kabeara Kennels’ six-thousand square-foot building, which consists of two floors. The building has heated floors and the kennel area is also air-conditioned. Their grooming facilities are also inside the building.

Kabeara Kennels guarantees that all adults have had their hips x-rayed for hip dysplasia. They also guarantee all vaccinations are up to date and dew claws have been removed. To back their promise to their customers, they also are provided with guarantees and a contract.

They also offer 50 percent off the purchase price refunded upon receipt of a copy of the Samoyed’s AKC Champion Title; no time limit is required.

Teresa Heaver and Kabeara Kennels are committed to providing people with beautiful, healthy, family dogs rather than working dogs. The achieve this, they are socialized with people and children whenever possible. Heaver will always recommend that people with children choose a puppy that has been socialized in this way.

She will also want to discuss the presence of other pets in the household of those who will be bringing a Samoyed puppy home, such as cats, and how this will have an impact on the dog and the other animal.

To go along with the guarantees of every puppy and adult dog they offer for sale, they have also started to follow the Puppy Socialization Plan, offered by the Kennel Club Association. This means that each puppy that is being sold has already started to learn some basic skills. New dog owners are encouraged by Heaver to continue with this training and guidance once they take the dog home.

The Samoyed’s rich history and loyal temperament have made them a luxury dog for owners everywhere. As one of the friendliest breeds around, Kabeara Kennels’ puppies make for an excellent addition to families with children and other dogs. Nicknamed the “smiley dog,” Samoyed owners appreciate the breed for their friendly, playful, and energetic temperaments.

Their happy and smiling expressions are guaranteed to light up anyone’s day. Kabeara Kennels are a dedicated breeder, offering only the healthiest Samoyed puppies for sale.

Coming from champion bloodlines, Kabeara Kennels assures any prospective owner is going to bring home a Samoyed that will grow into one of the top members of its breed.

Along with the correct paperwork and guarantees, Teresa Heavers offers in-depth advice for new owners. They stress the face that Samoyeds need to be groomed properly.

The breed sheds a lot of hair and must be brushed frequently, or the coat will become tangled. Samoyeds have a double coat, with thick, short and soft hairs being the bottom layer, and straight, rough hairs being the top layer.

It is advice like this and other expert guidance points that makes Kabeara Kennels once of the finest Samoyed breeders in Illinois. For those seeking a lively and loving addition to their home, the Samoyed is definitely perfect breed. If you are considering bringing a new member of the family home, Kabeara Kennels is the perfect place to go.

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