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‚ÄčTeresa Heaver spent over three decades breeding hundreds of Samoyed puppies on her property in Illinois. She is more than your typical dog lover. She dedicates her life to breeding and educating customers about the needs and qualities the snow-white puppies have.

Every year puppies are trained and taken care of in her facility to raise wonderful pets for families who are looking for the perfect best friend.

But Kabeara Kennels didn't pick to breed Samoyeds puppies only because of their charm, gentle temperament, and "permanent smile." The history of the breed is quite fascinating since it's one of the oldest breeds in the worlds and their DNA links back to wolfs. In the past, the snow white dogs were used in expeditions in the Antarctic. They also served as excellent hunting helpers in cold environments since they thrive in cold weather.

Nowadays, many domesticated Samoyeds are the descendants of the dogs used during the Antarctic expeditions, while others are imported from Russia.

One of the most important parts of Teresa Heaver's job is to educate potential dog owners on the special needs her puppies have. She wants to make sure her Samoyeds will be properly taken care of and that their new owners won't be in for a surprise. The Samoyeds have two types of fur: short and long. The cold fur variety tends to do well in cold environments.

However, their fur can also spell trouble for some. The puppies are not low maintenance since their fur must be brushed regularly. Otherwise, it can get tangled. Another aspect potential dog owners should be aware of is temperature. Samoyeds are more playful and active in colder environments, and they will be more energetic during the winter.

The snow white puppies do well in warm environments too, as long as they're properly hydrated and aren't left in the sun for too long. The energy levels of the puppies are also dependent on the temperature. The colder the weather, the higher the energy levels. This is why they get more playful in the winter.

Samoyeds are quite a loving breed, which can sometimes lead to separation anxiety. They usually pick a family member they are most fond of, and when separated for too long, they can crave for their affection.

On the bright side, they do well with children, and their average lifespan is usually between 10 and 15 years. They love children, and they usually attach themselves to them. So, if you have a child, a Samoyed would make a loving friend.

The only caution is that while they get along well with other dogs and children, they might not be as friendly with smaller animals. Before any transaction is made, Teresa informs future dog owners about the medical history of the puppy as well as its temperament. Sometimes, the puppies can get a little bit overly excited and energetic, they are never dangerous.

Teresa Heaver makes sure she maintains the high quality of the breed. All of her puppies are descendants of champions, which means they will have little to no problems in their medical history.

While she is happy each time one of her puppies finds a permanent home, Teresa feels a little bit sad every time a Samoyed leaves Kabeara Kennels, even after three decades. However, she is always excited to hear from the families that are happy with their new family member.

She receives letters and videos of happy Samoyed owners who enjoy their time spent with their snow white dogs. These can be seen on her company's website. Teresa's mission as a breeder was always to raise puppies that make loving and loyal pets for their future owners.

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