Teresa Heaver Breeds Samoyeds With Nothing but Passion and Expertise

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Teresa Heaver is the owner of Kabeara Kennels, located on a large property in Lockport, Illinois. She breeds Samoyed dogs and takes care of them before they find their permanent homes.

Heaver has spent over two decades forming bonds with the dogs in her facility. She devotes her time to each client as well as to her Samoyed puppies, and she does her best to explain the needs of the dogs she breeds. Her customers at Kabeara Kennels are always assured that most of the puppies have good general health since they come from champion bloodlines. Also, Teresa doesn’t allow sick Samoyeds to be adopted before they recover.

Heaver also makes sure she uses videos to show her potential customers how Samoyeds behave. These showcase their friendliness and warmth, and their special needs.

Teresa makes sure before any transactions are made that the prospective owners have a firm grasp of the behaviors and the temperament of each dog as well as their medical history.

The Samoyeds are also known as one of the older breeds in the world. Their bloodline can be tracked down to wolves. Before they were domesticated in the American households, Samoyeds were used for expeditions in the Antartic. Most of the dogs Heaver has now are related to the very dogs who contributed to those expeditions.

In the present, most Samoyed puppies that live in the U.S. are either the descendants of the ones used in expeditions or bought from Russian owners. These dogs are perfect for colder, harsher environment since they have two types of fur: short and long. If you live in a colder environment, your Samoyed will also be more energetic.

Keep in mind that their fur also needs to be brushed regularly. Otherwise, it can get tangled quite badly and cause a lot of grief. Samoyeds can be kept in warmer environments too, but owners should make sure they don’t leave their pets in the sun for too long. Also, they need to focus on keeping them hydrated. The owner of Kabeara Kennels always reminds prospective owners that Samoyed fur can be hard to groom, not only because it can get tangled, but also because the dogs shed a lot of hair.

Teresa also likes to talk about one of the trademarks of her dogs. Samoyeds have a “natural smile” that makes them likeable and perfect as a first pet for children. Another advantage of this breed is that they get on well with other dogs, and they love children too. While they do sometimes show bursts of energy, they're fairly docile and never aggressive. They're usually playful and calm, but they love the outdoors and exercising, especially running around during the winter.

The Samoyed puppies are quite loving, but this can also lead to separation anxiety too. Sometimes, the dogs bond with a certain family and can get pretty needy when they're left alone. However, since they're linked directly to wolves, they still have the hunter instinct. This means they probably won't get along well with smaller animals such as cats or birds.

Teresa spent decades breeding Samoyed puppies. She makes sure each one of them is properly taken care of until they meet their permanent owners. But the most rewarding part of her job is receiving letters from happy customers who enjoy the company of their new family member. She also receives videos from her happy clients with their puppies. These can be seen on the Kabeara Kennels website, where you can also find more details about the snow-white dogs.

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