Teresa Heaver and Her Passion for the Samoyed Breed

‚ÄčTeresa Heaver is more than just your typical dog lover. She dedicates her life to breeding hundreds of Samoyed puppies on her six-thousand square foot property in Illinois. She has been working with these show-white dogs in her facility for over three decades, and thanks to her experience and care, the residence is a wonderful temporary home for the puppies.

Her company Kabeara Kennels focuses on breeding Samoyed puppies and finding them a loving home among customers that are first shown how and what should they do with a Samoyed dog. Teresa Heaver finds it fascinating to work with one of the oldest breeds in the world. Before they were domesticated, Samoyeds were used during Antarctic expeditions since they were among the few breeds who could survive the harsh weather.

Now, most Samoyeds in the United States are the descendants of the dogs used for Antarctic expeditions, while others have a Russian origin. Teresa also empathizes the fact that the Samoyed dogs love cold weather. Therefore, future owners should be aware of the fact that these dogs won't do as well in high temperatures. These snow-white dogs have two types of furs: short and long. The longer fur does need some extra maintenance and may find it even more difficult to deal with the heat.

On the bright side, Teresa says that Samoyeds are very friendly and can grow up to a maximum of twenty and twenty for inches. Plus, they have a longer than average lifespan for dogs, usually between 10 and 15 years. This breed is quite friendly with kids and other animals. However, since it's one of the 14 breeds that still share some genetic material with wolves, they do have a hunter instinct, and they might need extra supervision while interacting with cats.

The customers at Kabeara Kennels are always informed about owning a Samoyed is like, from their temperament to self-control to maintenance level. Just keep in mind that these snow-white dogs have a fur that needs to be brushed regularly. Otherwise, it can become tangled. Teresa makes sure that before any transaction is made, all potential owners understand the unique requirements of these dogs.

Even though Samoyeds are warm and caring dogs with a great temperament, they can get overly excited. In addition, Teresa advises clients who live in colder climates to be prepared for a more energetic dog. Samoyeds are known for their fondness of cold weather, and this can cause them to be more enthusiastic.

Kabeara Kennels puts a lot of effort into maintaining their quality of breeds. Many of Teresa's puppies are descendants of champions. They have a medical history of both themselves and their blood line. This way, each potential owner knows the medical challenges as well.

Teresa Heaver also makes sure the potential owner knows that this breed needs a lot more attention than most. For example, the Samoyed usually gets more attached to one member of the family. This can lead to separation anxiety if the dog is left alone for too long. That said, Samoyed puppies are one of the friendliest breeds you will encounter, and they are perfect if you have another dog too, since they adore the company of others.

After breeding white puppies for over a decade, Teresa does feel a hint of sadness when dogs leave the shelter for their new, permanent home. However, she's always ecstatic to hear about how much happiness the Samoyeds bring to their new owners. The Kabeara Kennels website features plenty of videos showing the snow-white dogs and their happy families. Also, Teresa Heaver often receives letters and emails from customers who thank her for their new family member.

Source: Teresa Heaver


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