TendOrama Ltd Released a Platform That Provides News Publishers a Way to Let Readers Reward Them for Their Valuable Content

TendOrama helps news publishers earn revenue article by article and post by post.

TendOrama is launching a new way to help media gain revenue for their articles. The platform provides a way for readers to reward news publishers for the value they receive after they receive it. A reward is also called a “Tend” in TendOrama.

Readers now have the ability feel good about “Tending” journalists for their efforts and are able to reciprocate the fair value they received from a great piece of journalism. News publications are able to get on board with TendOrama through a simple two-step process. They can sign up and then add a snippet of code to each web or app page they want to let people reward.

Through the TendOrama platform, news publishers can feel confident knowing their readers – real people – now have a way to show them in a tangible, meaningful way that they are doing good work and adding value to people’s daily life. Warrick Harrison, CEO of TendOrama, says, “Maybe they can even increase their expenditures budget.”

One of the current challenges for news publications is subscriptions that are not selling well enough to make up for the gap in needed revenue. TendOrama allows people to pay after the fact for good content, and make up some of that lost revenue. 

“Fortunately, people know good journalism when they read it,” adds Harrison. “They appreciate it. Not only is healthy journalism required in a strong society, it’s also needed in people’s personal lives. A relevant news story, an in-depth feature, a well-reasoned op-ed or a sports story with new analysis all improve a person’s day, not to mention making people better equipped as they go about their lives.”

To learn more about the platform and to join, visit TendOrama.com.

About TendOrama Ltd.

Incorporated in early 2017 in Alberta, Canada, TendOrama Ltd allows people to make the world better by rewarding almost anyone who deserves it - online or in daily life. For more information about the platform and how it works, visit TendOrama.com or find them on social media at Facebook/TendOrama, Twitter @tendorama and Instagram @tendorama.

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