Tenants Evacuated Through Windows When Building Sinks and Separates

The Field Brook Apartment Tenants Evacuated the Third-Story Building By Way of Ladders

A three-story apartment building was suffering severely from settlement due to effects of long-term drought, forcing residents to escape through their windows. Quickly assessing the situation, Ram Jack Texas designed a repair plan by installing piers on the interior and exterior of the structure to restore stability to the structure, making it once again safe for the tenants of the Field Brook Apartments.

Settlement can often lead to problems that demand immediate attention. This is exactly what happened to a three-story apartment building in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Poor soil conditions first caused cracking in the exterior brick and sloping floors, but ultimately led to the separation of a breezeway, forcing third-story residents to escape through windows using ladders. Realizing the severity of the situation, managers contacted Ram Jack Texas.

Working quickly, Ram Jack installed 37 steel piles to provide strong and reliable foundation support. After piles were placed, the building was lifted a total of 5.2” for maximum practical recovery, disrupting everyday apartment life to a minimum. Residents once more had a safe place to live and property managers could rest easy knowing their apartments were in good condition once more.

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