Tellurian Introduces Wide Range of Business Gifts Including Customized Diaries and Notebooks

Tellurian Book Production, a company based in Dubai, has an amazing assortment of varied customized notebooks, corporate diaries, etc. which are sure to increase the return on investment for the companies.

ellurian Book Production, which has been producing exclusive range of business gifts like diaries, notebooks, etc, has come up with a unique concept of providing Customized Diaries for the companies wherein the brand name, along with the watermark and logo can be included on all the pages of the diary, which can in turn bring a greater return on investment. Apart from this there are Customized Notebooks as well, which are also instrumental in augmenting the name and fame of the companies. Moreover, there are several features of the company like its great customer service, availability of a wide range of products, prompt delivery of orders, and competitive prices, which make the company the most popular company in UAE.

Further, there are a lot of products for the business world including Corporate Diaries which are of various kinds like Pika diary, Orca diary, Margay diary, Inca diary, Guar diary, Lynx diary, Vibra diary, Tellurian diary, etc. Then, there is an amazing assortment of Corporate Gift Items like Guar gift set, Tellurian gift set, Premium gift box, Platinum gift box, Hijriya gift box, etc. 

About Tellurian Book Production

Tellurian Book Production is based in UAE and has been in operation since 2000. The company specializes in producing and designing a wide and appealing range of diaries of different formats, designs, colours, and textures, in order to cater to the taste of the corporate environment. The company boasts of providing Customized Diaries which have the company’s name and logo embossed on the cover. Further, the company specializes in creating desk calendars, desk planners, sloppy pads, certificate holders, and other Ramadan gift sets. All these things are the perfect business gifts that one could gift.  

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Tellurian Book Production

Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, next to Emirates Glass 

Dubai, UAE


Phone: +971 4 347 6686

About Tellurian Book Production

Tellurian is the largest manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of Customized Corporate Diaries and Notebooks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Tellurian Book Production
Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, next to Emirates Glass
Dubai, Dubai


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