Teligistics Reaches $10 Billion Global Sourcing Milestone


Teligistics, a twenty-year old Texas-based technology procurement and expense management firm announced today that it has reached the $10 Billion mark in procured telecommunications and technology contract value on behalf of its global enterprise customers.

"This is a significant milestone for Teligistics, and this achievement continues to validate why large enterprise customers trust Teligistics as their subject matter experts when it comes to their very complex telecom and technology procurement process and contract negotiations," stated Teligistics' CEO Dave Roberts.

"Teligistics launched a first-to-market telecom specific sourcing tool called Telibid​TM in 2012.  The introduction of this tool, desperately needed by enterprise customers has accelerated our growth.  There is not another tool like this in the market, and it was specifically designed by our internal telecommunications experts," added Roberts.  "There simply isn't another tool available to the large enterprise customer to conduct online RFP's and sourcing exercises in this space that align with the complexities of telecom."

Telibid​TM has two U.S. patents pending, and is used by enterprise clients to conduct formal online procurement processes such as RFP's and RFQ's.  Teligistics typically leads the contract negotiations on behalf of their clients when procuring telecom and technology services from the major global telecom providers.  Teligistics' clients also have access to its in-house certified telecommunications legal staff.

"Our subject matter expertise in this niche is unparalleled.  We have delivered Billions of dollars in net savings to our clients.  Further proof of our effectiveness is the re-engagement rate from clients in subsequent procurement cycles is nearly one hundred percent.  The global telecom carriers know that we know their technology, negotiation tactics, margins, cultures and flat spots.   And, they know at the end of the day that Teligistics will drive - and acquire a world class deal for our clients," stated Roberts.

Founded in 1997, Teligistics is the leading global consulting firm for telecommunications and IT sourcing for global enterprises. Teligistics developed Telibid​TM, which has two U.S. Patents pending, used for managing the procurement process of large enterprise telecommunications RFP's.  Teligistics processes and audits thousands of telecom invoices monthly in it's patented expense management platform, TEAMTM.  Teligistics manages client corporate wireless devices with help desk, optimization and fulfillment functions via a mobility management platform called EMM+TM.

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