TeleSpeak Support Services Becomes Call Centers of America

Your U.S.-Based Call Center Partner

TeleSpeak Support Services transforms itself to Call Centers of America. This is more than a name change and re-branding; it’s not just a cosmetic delivery.

Call Centers of America (CCA) is working with U.S. companies to help migrate jobs back on-shore. Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Chance Myers states, "Through our research and due diligence efforts we have discovered a larger than ever dissatisfaction rating with consumer calls being handled off-shore.

"I think within the outsourcing industry that call centers have always been looked upon as cost centers, not profit centers. Therefore, the CFOs in most organizations view it at as an expense silo especially looking at company costs. Organizations thought that they could just go offshore where the expense and cost structure is so much less. This way they could bring more profitability to the bottom line. What they didn't take into account is what the ultimate loss would be from diminished customer satisfaction and the loss of top-line revenue."

Pete Vilarri, CCA’s EVP, states, "The bell has rung and companies are now hearing the message loud and clear. We are listening to our customers and it’s obvious that they want their calls answered by not only an English-speaking agent but also one that understands U.S. culture."

Call Centers of America is leading the change!

For more information:,, 877-999-6CCA (6222)

Source: Call Centers of America


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