Telehouse America NYIIX Peering Exchange Exceeds 1 TBPS Peak Traffic

Telehouse America NYIIX has achieved a tremendous milestone by exceeding 1 tera bits per second (TBPS) in peak traffic.

Telehouse America, the global leader for data centers, international internet exchanges, and managed IT services, announced their New York NYIIX International Peering Exchange has achieved a tremendous milestone by exceeding 1 TBPS in peak traffic. This occurred on Nov. 23, 2020. This milestone solidifies NYIIX as one of the largest and successful Peering Exchanges in the U.S. and the largest Peering Exchange on the East Coast.

While Peering Exchanges are how countless ISPs, businesses, and nonprofits gain fast ad cost-efficient data transmission across the globe, they're not all created equal. Their success and efficacy are determined by their connections to large numbers of peering members and the activity and traffic of said members. Telehouse NYIIX surpassing the important milestone of 1 TBPS in peak traffic demonstrates why it is one of the IXP leaders in the US. 

They deliver a single platform to Carriers, ISPs, Contents Providers, Gaming Providers, Educational Institutions, Cloud Providers and Enterprises to reduce operational costs, and improve network performance and resilience. With this milestone, NYIIX shows its reach, partnership growth, use, and efficacy for countless businesses and organizations across the U.S. and globe. This has never been more important than in the time of a global pandemic where data exchange and transmissions are scaling up and becoming more vital in an evolving internet landscape. 

With recent upgrades to one of the main NYIIX hubs housed at Telehouse's 85 10th Avenue locations, NYIIX is able to allow any of its current or future customers the ability to activate or scale multiple 100G ports for high-traffic applications across a massive network of peering routes. 

Telehouse NYIIX peering service is not limited to its POP locations; this service can be available via numerous NYIIX resellers from various geographic locations such as North/South America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

Telehouse first established the NYIIX International Peering Exchange in 1996 to serve the East Coast business epicenters of New York and New Jersey. Since then, they've developed one of the largest and most active memberships of any International Peering Exchange in the U.S. Telehouse America and NYIIX, VP Internet Engineering, Akio Sugeno, spoke about the importance of this milestone and how it supports the varied needs of business and organizations in the U.S. operating locally and globally.

"Our mission with Telehouse NYIIX has always been to provide unparalleled connectivity, data transmission, speed, and cost reduction for every business and organization connecting across the U.S. or the globe," said Akio. "Reaching this milestone of 1 TBPS in peak traffic is proof that we're meeting that need and fulfilling our mission to be the leader in IXP in the US."

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