Telecom Launches Dual Inbound and Outbound Services Solution for the SMB Market

The new solution helps SMBs achieve cost reduction without impacting the company's bottom line.

Telecom, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its dual inbound and outbound services solution for the small and medium-sized business market. The full suite of inbound and outbound contact center services will support the SMB market in the current economic landscape by providing a scalable workforce of highly trained agents.

These agents will be deployed to handle the entire buyer's journey. They cover everything from outbound lead generation and appointment setting to post-sale customer service and technical support, depending on a business's specific needs.

Telecom has been helping companies navigate economic cycles for three decades. Its new solution focuses on business and customer service continuity in a time when organizational management decisions related to in-house staffing have an understandable focus on cost reduction. Telecom's new outsourced telemarketing and customer service offerings provide a clear path toward that goal.

Jonathan Martin, Telecom's CEO and owner, shared, "So many companies are paying a high cost of labor for in-house customer service and related positions. Telecom can provide comprehensive outsourced services for a fraction of that cost.

"This reflects what we are seeing right now across industries, especially in technology and tech-enabled sectors, which are full-time employee and overhead reductions. That's where our dual inbound and outbound solution comes in."

Aiming to cover the entire buyer's journey, Telecom's outbound telemarketing services begin with high-quality lead generation. Its skilled agents profile targeted businesses and customers and use proven tactics to gather sales intelligence directly from decision-makers. Once Telecom has qualified those leads, their team is able to guide SMBs toward increased sales and revenue with services such as their expert outbound appointment setting.

Telecom's dual inbound and outbound services solution also provides a seamless customer experience after the sale. Customer service outsourcing allows SMBs to optimize their budget by avoiding the high cost of an in-house team while ensuring that customers are cared for by an experienced U.S.-based team of agents. 

Telecom's inbound technical support help desk services work in much the same way. They allow businesses to scale their team as needs change while continuing to uphold their SLAs.

Martin went on to say, "In this climate, outsourcing customer service, technical support, and lead generation can be a game changer for saving the bottom line without jeopardizing your customer experience. 

"With the traction we're getting out of the gates with our dual inbound and outbound services solution, we know we're on to something in terms of using sales and support outsourcing to help SMBs maintain and even raise the high bar the businesses we work with hold."

In an effort to support all customers in the way they prefer, Telecom operates with cutting-edge technology, offering omni-channel capabilities for telephone, email, chat, and SMS. Agents are available 24/7/365 to accommodate requests as they arise.

Source: Telecom, Inc.

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