Telcos Are Moving Toward Composability

At Big Communications Event 2017, 'The Composable Telco' panel discussed how virtualization and automation will affect the telecom business

This year’s BCE conference, hosted by Light Reading, focused on both the current shift toward virtualization and the operational push toward automation. These rapid technological changes will affect the telecom business, and telcos must embrace these changes, particularly through the use of open integration mechanisms that enable them to use software components developed in-house or by third parties.

Intraway’s CTO Steve Marsh was honored to contribute his expertise on how telcos can become more ‘composable’ to ensure that their business keeps up to date with the industry’s current transformations.   

“It was great to be in Austin for the Light Reading Big Coms event and to be a part of the Composable Telco panel. I was able to share my views and Intraway’s position on what it takes to become a Composable Telco by embracing software & virtualization, agreeing on guiding principles, organizational commitment, automating everything, attention to operations and assurance, and adapting a framework, among other strategies. I hope we get the opportunity to contribute again next year.”

BCE is an annual conference dedicated to the broad landscape of the telecom sector, including networks of all kinds, data centers, cloud service providers, the booming IoT market, video services and more. This year’s conference was held in Austin, Texas, and took place over three days from May 15th to May 17th.

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As a leading telecom solutions provider managing over 55 million devices deployed in 22 countries over three continents, Intraway helps improve communications service providers’ profitability, time to market and customer experience, unleashing the full potential of networks by adding the latest, cutting-edge functionalities while reducing operational costs.

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About Intraway

Intraway has radically simplified Telecom OSS

With over 40 million subscribers successfully served in more than 20 countries over three continents, Intraway specializes in driving fixed line and wireless operators’ Digital Transformation projects with a 100% success rate. Supported by a staff that clients claim is a natural extension of their team, Intraway supports “Telco Cloud” initiatives for operators looking to reduce OpEx and migrate BSS/OSS functions to the Cloud.

Their globally deployed, award-winning Business Process and Service Orchestration platform, Symphonica, is a no-code, cloud-native, telco-grade orchestration and service activation platform for automating the entire life cycle of services orchestrated across multiple networks and technology domains. Whether Communications Service Providers (CSPs) want to increase agility through automation, modernize their operations or embrace digital transformation, Symphonica has them covered.

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