Telaeris Announces Mobile Access Control Integration With Johnson Controls Software House C•CURE Access Control and Event Management Platform

XPressEntry with Handheld

SAN DIEGO, March 20, 2018 (Newswire) -Telaeris, a mobile handheld verification provider, today announced Johnson Controls had approved Telaeris XPressEntry integration with its latest Software House C•CURE 9000 Access Control and Event Management platform.

XPressEntry enables C•CURE 9000 security personnel to utilize handheld badge readers to perform a wide range of security functions where fixed readers might not be practical.

XPressEntry integrates with Software House v2.60 via the native SDK. Through this integration, XPressEntry can access any security information including employee names, photos, access privileges, and credentials. This release adds an exciting new feature of being able to activate panel controls such as door relays.

“With XPressEntry now supporting C•CURE version 2.60, Telaeris has added the ability to control Software House panels and doors which greatly enhances the capabilities of our mobile handheld units with C•CURE,” said Telaeris CEO, David Carta. 

Data continuously syncs between XPressEntry handheld badge readers and C•CURE. This allows security operators to keep live track of employee and visitor occupancies. Additionally, it allows for revoked credentials to be immediately removed from the handheld devices, to ensure only correct personnel are provided access.

“The Telaeris mobile reader solution and its integration with C•CURE 9000 provides one of the most dynamic mobile reader applications for use with our government and DOD customers. The solution works great, especially when using government-issued PIV and CAC credentials. The Telaeris mobile readers also allow us to create a 'virtual' door using the mobile reader,” said Stafford W. Mahfouz, Manager Government and Department of Defense Programs, at Tyco Security Products, Johnson Controls.

With a wide range of capabilities, customers using Telaeris’ XPressEntry are now equipped with the ability to provide their employees a more safe and secure work environment. Guards can quickly verify employees’ badges anywhere while at the same time check that the correct person is holding the credential. And by keeping track of who is in their buildings at all times, employers can ensure employees and personnel are safely rostered from a building or work zone in case of an emergency.

Source: Telaeris, Inc.

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