TekScape: Nine Years Growing in the IT Industry

The voice is out there; TekScape is the IT Solutions provider with the highest growth in the industry in New York City area.

The IT industry continues to evolve every day from innovative products to breakthrough solutions and trends that shape the way the industry is transforming. Located in New York City great area, TekScape has managed to understand this shift from hardware and software to cloud-based solutions.

TekScape just celebrated its 9th anniversary this month. Since its beginnings, TekScape has always been ahead of the curve; it has been very successful in overseeing trends and responding to these before they strike the industry and addressing much faster than competitors do. As Dave Smith, Tekscape CEO mentioned "Nine years ago; TekScape found an opportunity in a market that was changing the conception of technology. It was no longer an isolated division of big enterprises, but it was the core of innovation to occur, in which any type of business could support their growth."

TekScape team aims to help customers reach their business goals by providing excellence in IT architecture, execution and customer support. The company is now completely customer-centric it has built an approach in which customer's business outcomes and satisfaction is the core of every solution the company architects and implements. Becoming this type of organization didn't happen overnight, and many changes needed to be done, to achieve this level of success. "The growth we have achieved over the past two years is due to a change in the way we operated; establishing new processes, investing in marketing and building a sales team much more oriented to business outcomes and customer retention; which finally helped us to penetrate the market with new innovative cloud-based products. The result has been a YTD growth above the industry average" Alex Sierra, Director of Strategy for TekScape.

The voice is out there; TekScape is the IT Solutions provider with the highest growth in the industry in New York City area. The company becomes every day a more prestigious partner for Cisco and other big technology developers. "The reality is that TekScape continues to evolve and to challenge the players in the industry. We had an amazing 9th year anniversary, and I don't want to tell our secret, but TekScape will be a very different company by its 10th anniversary. We are making sure to take the right steps to be ahead and our team it's very excited with the things to come." Dave Smith – TekScape CEO.

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