Teknowledge Consolidates Its Position As The Top Mobile Apps Company in Kolkata

According to reports, Teknowledge Software has yet again emerged as the numero uno developer of mobile apps in Kolkata. It also features among the most renowned application development companies in the country.

Teknowledge Software, the dynamic mobile application development company which has been in the news for all the right reasons over the last six quarters, now has further reasons to feel proud. With burgeoning sales figures and rave reviews pouring in from customers - the company has firmly cemented its leadership position in this market niche.

The success story of Teknowledge has been a tale of remarkable dedication, dynamism, and a whole lot of imagination. In the field of iphone app development in India, the company has been making waves for several years now - constantly conducting surveys to identify the existing demands for smartphone apps, and creating them accordingly. Not once has any application concept been dismissed as 'too difficult' - for at Teknowledge, making ideas come alive is the principal task!

The market share and quarterly revenue figures of Teknowledge has witnessed a significant boost over the last year and a half. This has got a lot to do with the launch of advanced Blackberry and Android apps by the company too. Teknowledge has promoted its applications well, the latter has got featured on the Google Play Store - and download figures have, not surprisingly, skyrocketed.

Teknowledge Software owes much of its professional success to the sheer commitment and dedication of the app developers in Kolkata working here. Through interactive mobile application development training sessions, the executives are brought up-to-date with all the recently launched custom mobile applications, and the best practices to create viable prototypes for apps. The result of all this? Buyers can get just the type of app they need from Teks!

Apart from a steady stream of new customers, the sales reports of Teknowledge show an impressively high proportion of repeat buyers as well. This bears testimony to the complete service satisfaction that the company is able to deliver through its apps, to buyers. Surveys have shown that buyers have only good things to say about the elegant, personalized app development graphics implemented in the applications implemented by Teknowledge. The installation process for all the apps is simple, they are easy to handle and operate, and come with complete bug-free assurance. The quality of the mobile apps of the company is of the highest order, and Teknowledge ensures that every app is properly tested before release.

Staying in constant touch with prospective buyers has also helped this reputed iphone application development company in India, to deliver excellence in each of its mobile frameworks. During the development stage, overviews on the mobile development framework and of the prototype structure is shared with people - so that their feedback can be sought. Even after the launch of the applications, Teknowledge encourages users to voice their opinions about the same. The necessary modifications are done at the time of upgrades.

Bringing Teknowledge Software even closer to general buyers is the fact that, all of its apps are priced at budget-friendly levels. Right from an alphabet-learning app for toddlers, to a location display application or a finance app - each of them can be purchased without having to shell out big bucks. With enhanced app performance being a given, buying them is definitely a good deal!

Check out http://www.teks.co.in for detailed information and portfolio details of the Teknowledge mobile application development company. You can request app quotes online, or place a call to (033)40649087. You have the option of mailing us too, at info@teks.co.in. The company, with its ever-expanding clientele, looks all set for further growth in the Indian mobile apps market.