Teeth Whitening Company Brightens Children's Lives Through Launch of Anti-Bullying Campaign in Conjunction With Schools

A Local Teeth Whitening Company Brings Smiles to Children

BriteWhite Mini

​​​​​BriteWhite MINI is launching the nationwide campaign” Brighten A Life.” As part of this campaign BriteWhite MINI will be giving away teeth whitening kits to children/teens who are suffering from low-self esteem due to the color of their teeth. The campaign give-away launch will specifically target ages 10-18.  As part of the campaign, Founder, Joyce Wilson, and President, Kimberly Verge, will be working in conjunction with schools and dental offices nationwide to help brighten lives. The “Brighten A Life” campaign will begin in  June with a kickoff tour announcement in celebration of National Smile Month; the campaign will include different giveaways and promotions every month leading up to the June kick off. School tours  will officially begin in August.

To learn more about the campaign and/or to enter the chance to win a free BriteWhite MINI device, visit www.britewhitemini.com. To get involved in the campaign or for sponsorship information, contact Monica Jimenez-Susoreny at 219-455-1744 or monica@jumpstartpr.net.

"I know first- hand how it feels as a child to be embarrassed of your smile because of the color of your teeth. I also know how it feels to be made fun of because of it. We want to make a difference in these young lives and help to brighten their future through this campaign."

Kimberly Verge , President


The BriteWhite MINI is a complete travel teeth whitening kit, designed for the whole family. The system is FDA, CE and Patent approved. The MINI system offers a complete family pack, using one single headset system. The device is self-timed for 20 minutes.  A brush on method of custom blend whitening gel with the aid of the Blue LED light, activates to give the ultimate whitening experience. The whitening gel is brushed on the tooth’s surface, making it easy to prevent the getting on the gums. This system can be used daily up to four times without softening of the enamel or damage to the pulp-of-the-tooth. BriteWhite MINI recently re-branded and revamped their website and social media platforms.


Joyce Osborn Wilson grew up in a small Kentucky coal-mining town in the heart of Appalachia. Osborn spent some of her adulthood working alongside Roy Disney in Florida, and during that time patented a system for whitening teeth.  Wilson has pursued a multitude of career interests over the course of seventy-five years. She is a self-made woman who owned and operated a leading salon for twenty-six years, has developed three corporations, formulated a line of skin care products and invented the BriteWhite MINI Teeth Whitening System. Additionally, Wilson is an author of five novels. Wilson is known as an author, inventor, educator, and caregiver and has had the honor of being featured in the New York Times and as The Woman of the Year by the Professional Business Woman's Club of Jasper, Alabama.


Kimberly Verge is the President of BriteWhite MINI; she was an intricate part in the role of the development of the device and currently heads the company. Verge brings over a decade of experience. Verge currently runs all day to day aspects and heads the cooperation.

Source: BriteWhite MINI

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