Teens Train in 'Tools 2 Thrive' for Mental Health Month and Beyond

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Bay Area high school students in the Pulse Ambassador Program, produced by UpLevel Works, are learning and sharing “Tools 2 Thrive” to cope with sheltering in place during May 2020 Mental Health Awareness Month. While the #tools2thrive outreach campaign highlights the importance of mental wellness skills during this stressful and chaotic period, Pulse Ambassadors learn mental wellness skills and support each other in building healthy habits to thrive far beyond the COVID-19 restrictions. 

Pulse Ambassadors are motivated by their concerns about mental health issues in their schools, coming together with the mission of understanding how to help themselves and others to improve mental wellness. In just a few months, the program has grown to more than 15 members across eight schools. Participants share their challenges, learn skills and strategies to manage their emotional wellbeing, and identify ways to best support their friends and families. 

Last month, students learned about “Hacking Anxiety” and skills like TIPP to manage strong emotions. “I like how the video explains how people will react,” said one student. Another student joined the program to learn how to help friends. “It’s nice to have something impactful to share,” she shared. Participants discussed ways to personally apply this newfound knowledge in their daily lives and how to share the skills with others. 

Pulse Ambassadors receive free access to the HAERT™ Program and participate in monthly in-person or virtual meetings to support mental wellness skills development and provide user feedback. HAERT (Happiness, Awareness, and Emotional Resilience Training) offers a foundational understanding of the neuroscience and physiology of stress and strong emotions, combined with clinically-proven strategies and skills to manage thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Students interested in joining should sign up at www.haertprogram.com/pulse/.  

The HAERT™ Program is committed to teaching a growth mindset for mental wellness, with a focus on building daily preventative habits. Our online curriculum is based on clinically proven interventions that build healthy habits, strategies, and tools to help people manage stress, depression, and anxiety. Our roadmap of life skills and habits make mental wellness achievable for students, administrators, and parents. For additional information about the HAERT™ Program, please go to www.haertprogram.com.

Press Contact: Shannon Carleton, (781) 790-6063,  shannon@uplevel.works

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