Tecracoin Relieves Pressure on Scientists by Commercializing Patented Technology Products for Them

 Robert Anacki (Co-founder, Tecracoin)

Tecracoin helps bridge the gap between the scientific creation of new, patented technologies and the commercialization of these products.

The team at Tecra Coin explains some perceived problems from the scientists perspective on their website.

  • Restricted access to capital for the commercialization of patents.
  • A long legal process from the start of research to commercialization.
  • Lack of technology standardization

Tecra Coin Aims to resolve these problems through the creation of a transparent system of capital movement. This system is based on Tecra Blockchain and uses TecraCoin.

When asked to clarify the benefits of those who choose to invest in Tecra Coin,  Co-Founder Robert Anacki explained.

"The Tecra project is an amazing adventure, sometimes on the verge of magic, and subsequent chapters are written by wonderful people involved in it. These people are the strength of this project" – Robert Anacki Co-founder, Tecracoin

Tecra Coin is creating a web-based platform where scientists will be able to submit their ideas. After being verified by the Tecra scientific team and after community voting, prospective projects will be directed to commercialization.

​Read more about the Tecra Coin project in their Whitepaper. Visit TecraCoin.io for more details and to get involved.

Media Contact: Przemyslaw Karda

Contact Email: info@tecracoin.io

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TecraCoin connects patented technology products to investors for commercialization and intended growth. Currently TecraCoin is focusing on Graphene products.

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