Technology Company, SmartCSM Continues to Attract High-Profile Accounts

United Airlines, Salivation Army, Toyota, Kindred and The City of Manhattan Beach Are Just A Few Of SmartCSM's Marquee Clients

SmartCSM, a California company that has been in R&D mode for two years and launched nationally in 2017, has already signed large entities across several industries; from aerospace to government infrastructure. United Airlines, Toyota, The Salvation Army and the City of Manhattan Beach, CA are just a handful of their clients.

SmartCSM has significantly improved the efficiency and reduced costs for the facility management aspect of these companies’ operations by bringing their entire electrical infrastructure onto a digital planning room platform. This provides facility managers with the ability to view their entire electrical infrastructure on a smart device or computer, from anywhere they can get internet access.

The efficiencies regarding cost of labor, time and materials and the safety aspect were the selling features for me.

Duane Mauro, United Airlines Facility Manager

“The efficiencies regarding cost of labor, time and materials and the safety aspect were the selling features for me,” stated United Airlines Facility Manager, Duane Mauro.

SmartCSM has paved the way for large companies to transition from paper to one digital data management platform for their building’s infrastructure. In fact, the platform completely replaces the need for paper records, which in facility management has been a known black hole of inaccuracies, incomplete documents, and disorganized messes. Instead, facility managers can instantly access their entire electrical infrastructure with just a couple of clicks, in addition to accurate as-builts, line diagrams, electrical assets, documents, photos and more. They can do so from anywhere and on any Android or iOS device.

SmartCSM can easily free up an average of 1/3 of a facility manager’s workday, allowing them to proactively manage their facility, versus constantly being behind the eightball. Instead of only reacting to a growing mountain of issues and wading through piles of paperwork to find the record they need to fix them, SmartCSM organizes documentation and analysis and makes facility management far more efficient, thus reducing operating costs.

SmartCSM enables building owners and facility managers to vastly reduce operational waste, increase accountability, and reduce risk while making their buildings and teams smarter. 

Source: SmartCSM

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SmartCSM was built for electricians by electricians. The software makes buildings smarter by empowering facility managers to bring and manage their electrical infrastructure of commercial buildings, all online.

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