TechFusion CEO Stands With Apple in FBI Lawsuit in Commitment to Consumer Privacy

Boston computer forensics firm TechFusion condemns the FBI's demand for a less secure iOS from Apple.

Boston computer forensics firm TechFusion condemns the FBI’s demand for a less secure iOS from Apple.

“Consumer privacy is an undeniable right,” says TechFusion CEO Alfred Demirjian. “To sacrifice that right under any circumstance is an inexcusable violation of trust between customer and manufacturer. Developers, like Apple, have a duty to protect the users who trust in their systems.”

"Encryption doesn't discriminate. People do. That's why we need it to keep everyone safe."

Alfred Demirjian, CEO

The CEO states that the FBI’s demand for Apple to write a backdoor, or universal access point, into Apple’s iOS operating system is an “unacceptable use of government power.” While terrorism is a real fear for Americans today, universally compromising the integrity of the iPhone is an even larger concern.

“The FBI is not asking for the keys to this one iPhone—they are asking for a master key to all iPhones in the world. Skilled engineers with enough time and resources can access the data on that phone without compromising Apple’s security as a whole,” Demirjian states. “If this was really about just the data on this iPhone, someone would have already gotten it. The FBI has bigger goals with this demand. They want the power to get anyone’s information, without regulation.”

Apple’s iOS is intrinsically programmed to protect customer data through universal encryption; there is no individual or organization, not even Apple, that has the ability to break the encryption as it is entirely left to Apple’s security algorithms, by design. In programming a less secure iOS, the FBI would now hold the responsibility of deciding who can access consumer data and when. Mr. Demirjian firmly believes that this responsibility should never be given to an individual, and should only be entrusted to the unbiased mechanisms of Apple’s security algorithms.

“The FBI shouldn’t hold that kind of power, nor should any one entity,” Demirjian says. “Encryption doesn’t discriminate. People do. That’s why we need it to keep everyone safe.”

TechFusion is a computer forensics and data recovery firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company has provided legal support for criminal, divorce and corporate cases for over 28 years.