Tech Treats, LLC Announces the Columbia and Baltimore Learn to Earn in the Gig Economy MeetUp

Empowering Every Day People With Skills to Earn More and Chart Their Own Course

Tech Treats, LLC is pleased to announce it has organized a new MeetUp group in the Columbia, MD area geared toward empowering people to compete in the gig economy. Columbia and Baltimore Learn to Earn in the Gig Economy MeetUp is open to everyone in the area. 

An estimated 57 million Americans currently work in the gig economy.

Traditional work arrangements have, by demand, made room for more unconventional ones in which workers play a much greater role in setting their own rates, scheduling their own hours, and even deciding when they want to retire. 

Many different professionals are aligned with the gig economy, ranging from marketing analysts to website creators to digital marketers. The list is exhaustive.

No college degree is needed to be successful in the gig economy. Many skills can be obtained free of charge online or through other venues. Some skills can even demand upwards of $40-$75/hour, making the gig market potentially very lucrative for workers.

“The response to this MeetUp thus far has been very encouraging,” says M. Newsome Hester, MeetUp organizer and spokesperson for Tech Treats, LLC. “Most people are oblivious to the fact that they can substantially supplement their current income, or even replace their current income with a higher one without spending years in college and investing tens of thousands of dollars for a college degree,” Newsome Hester goes on to say. Jobs once deemed full proof are no longer secure, as evidenced by the recent partial government shutdown. Having a backup plan to earn money is a safe and wise step everyone can take to safeguard against abrupt layoffs, corporation closures, as well as potential future government shutdowns.

The Columbia and Baltimore Learn to Earn in the Gig Economy MeetUp Group will explore a wide range of topics including, but not limited to the following:

1. How to get started making money quickly in the gig economy.  

2. What sorts of training programs are available to teach the skills in high demand in the gig economy.

3. How to market newfound skills.

4. Strategies to learn a valuable skill in a few hours per week.

5. How to use social media to get contracts and much more.

Sessions will range from a general overview of a variety of topics to specific how-to workshops. MeetUp sessions will be conducted at different locations in Howard County Maryland at various times during the day with a focus on serving the needs of its members and providing the most access to MeetUps as possible.  

Participants will be given a variety of incentives and perks, such as the ability to create a mobile app for free on a DIY mobile app platform licensed by Tech Treats, LLC. Members can use the app for their own business or use their app credit to create an app for a client who pays them directly for their service.

The goal is empowerment and this group is well-equipped to empower its members to succeed in the booming gig economy.

Contact info:

M. Newsome Hester

Source: Tech Treats, LLC


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