Tech Startup Turbo Tenant Expands Their Free Landlord Software Nationally

With their innovative landlord software, Turbo Tenant hopes to change the way landlords and tenants view the long-term rental process.

Having over ten years of experience as a real estate agent and landlord of over fifty rental properties, Sarnen Steinbarth understands the difficulties landlords face when it comes to managing long-term rental properties.

The new tech startup Turbo Tenant is the result of Steinbarth’s passion for the real estate industry. Inspired by the lack of landlord software programs available on the market, Steinbarth and the Turbo Tenant team decided to create their own free landlord software. ​

“As a landlord myself, I know how time-consuming the rental leasing process can be,” explained Steinbarth, the Founder / CEO of Turbo Tenant. “After teaching property management courses to real estate agents, landlords and property managers for years, I frequently answered tech questions relating to the leasing process and began to see several patterns. I realized what was missing in the market: an easy software solution designed for landlords, by landlords.”

Turbo Tenant is a free landlord software designed to provide independent landlords, real estate agents and property managers with the tools they need in order to be successful. It provides a suite of easy-to-use online tools for rental marketing, online rental applications, tenant screening and online rental payments (coming soon).

Once the landlord creates a property profile for their vacant listing, Turbo Tenant will create a professional listing website, design flyers and automatically send the rental listing to dozens of the most popular online rental listing websites.  They also provide tools to easily post on Craigslist.

“The long-term rental process is one of the last major industries to remain in the dark-ages of technology,” said Steinbarth. “And there is a large age gap between the typical landlord and tenant. We want to make it easy for landlords to connect with their tenants by being able to provide free online tools.”

Although designed for landlords, Turbo Tenant offers a number of innovative features that benefit tenants as well. They are able to complete online rental applications in a matter of minutes, safeguard their personal information and soon pay their rent online through e-check, debit or credit card payments.

Founded in 2015, and based in the Galvanize tech campus in Old Town, Turbo Tenant now offers their free landlord software in all 50 states and is growing rapidly. The company plans to remain completely free for landlords to use. For more information, visit their website directly at




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