Tech Startup Launches PPE Portal to Aid Heroes in COVID-19 Fight to Donate 1 Million Masks

This company is on a mission to protect Americans

​​GlobalGeeks Chief Operating Officer Kal Loul and his brother Ahmad (CEO/Founder) have taken the concept of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic to a whole new level. A recent article described Kal as having turned all of his production towards the creation and delivery of these masks. He did so in the hopes of getting the masks to the front lines of the fight against the pandemic. His focus has been on doctors, nurses, law enforcement, first responders and the military. While he has been wildly successful, there have been some roadblocks.

On Friday, GlobalGeeks launched a new portal on their website that allows people in need of masks to get in contact with the company and request PPE and other supplies. The company is on a mission to donate over 1 million masks and make a real difference in this fight. This portal is not for universal access from the public, and some necessary information will be collected and confirmed before the masks are sent out for delivery.

If masks and other PPE are needed, please know exactly how much to request from the company. GlobalGeeks partnered up with the Muslim American Leadership Alliance, or MALA, to get the masks to several metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

The development of this program highlights the ingenuity and spirit of being a patriotic American. Kal secured the necessary financing and logistical framework to be able to provide a continuous supply of masks and other PPE at an astounding rate. Recent news reports in the media have highlighted donations from several European countries; however, this program stands to dwarf those contributions by sheer amount alone.

By shifting his production to necessary items, GlobalGeeks complied with the Defense Production Act standards before it was ordered. This is a prime example of how business owners and other affluent members of the community can make a difference while serving their country and keeping employees at work. While a good portion of the country is virtually at a standstill, the production force of GlobalGeeks is hard at work, staying safe, and feeding their families.

To locate masks and other PPE, the link below will provide direction. Please feel free to notify local law enforcement hospitals and other industries in all areas to the existence of the portal so that GlobalGeeks can help.  

The Site is:

Benjamin Minick @TimberwolfP

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