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Tech Expert Stephanie Humphrey shares advice for tech to make life easier

Technology impacts everybody on a daily basis. Whether it is utilizing a smartphone to order food or retail goods, monitoring families, managing systems in homes, or updating work calendars; it is clear that technology is constantly changing the way people live. Modern society is constantly adapting technology to do new things, to carry out almost every task while making business and society run more efficiently. Tech reporter, lifestyle expert and author Stephanie Humphrey shares some of the tech trends for 2023 that will help make life better and maybe even easier. 


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It is important to stay on budget. With the Affirm app, pay over time pretty much anywhere online or in-store without late or hidden fees. Whether buying headphones or a gaming console, it is a smart way to keep purchases within budget. Head to the Affirm app to create a virtual card and choose the payment plan that is best. Once approved, use it just like a regular debit card or credit card at checkout. For more information, visit


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