Tech Exec Starts Qantm AI in Dubai and Has Eyes on Riyadh

Saudi Arabia has a vision of data as the new oil, and is encouraging private sectors in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Dr. Seth Dobrin In London 2022

Founder of Qantm AI, Dr. Seth Dobrin secured partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon, Google and IBM to deliver solutions to markets across the Middle East, after creating and launching a new human-centered methodology for AI strategy.

During a recent interview in Riyadh at the Global AI Summit, organized by Saudi Data & AI Authority (SDAIA), Dr. Dobrin stated, "The reception to our launch of Qantm AI in Dubai has been overwhelmingly positive. We are in a great position to help others in their next-level AI innovations and digital transformations." Dr. Seth Dobrin has developed some of the most innovative AI strategies for a variety of corporations, institutions and governments around the globe. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is encouraging private sectors in the fields of emerging technologies such as Internet of things, artificial intelligence, Machine learning. 

He went on to say, "Next is the creation of a roadmap for the implementation of a strategy and then focus on the engineering of the solutions with rapid innovation cycles showing measurable value every six weeks. Our approach is outcome-based, human-centered and begins with establishing a technology strategy that is directly derived from the organizational goals and technological maturity. Qantm AI is interested in helping the Kingdom apply innovative AI strategies, best practices and global standards towards their Digital infrastructure."

Qantm AI is a mainland corporation in Dubai, UAE. That is a independent provider of cloud and software solutions that is vendor agnostic; centered on bridging the business value of AI to its technical execution through a human-centered approach, providing tailored solutions to each client; and leveraging the region's most efficient and agile distributors to achieve rapid growth.

Dr. Dobrin will be speaking at GITEX GLOBAL 2022 in Dubai this week and IAA Global Conference 2022 in Romania next month. For further information go to or

Source: Qantm AI, LLC