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Tech Contracts Academy® has expanded its catalog of IT contract training courses, covering AI agreements, SaaS and other cloud computing contracts, software licenses, and related topics. Courses are for contract managers and other businesspeople and for lawyers. They are taught by one of the best-known IT contracts experts, David Tollen. A full course catalog is available at

With little or no training on tech contracts, many professionals expose themselves and their companies to expensive mistakes. Learn-as-you-go education and a lack of confidence often lead to negotiations bogged down by uncertainty while opening the door to disputes and litigation. The rise of artificial intelligence just adds to those challenges by raising new issues and risks.

Training from Tech Contracts Academy® uses plain English and gives professionals confidence in their knowledge and skills. Students choose among live webinar and on-demand sessions. From in-depth programs that span multiple topics to shorter, single-subject sessions, courses include:

  • Tech Contracts Master Class™ 
  • Shorter “Focused Topics” 
  • Programs customized for in-house teams — for enterprise customers

Tech Contracts Master Class™ includes:

  1. Prime Clauses: License, Subscription, IP Transfer, Payment
  2. General Clauses: Data Management, SLAs, Confidentiality
  3. Key Liability Terms: Indemnities, Warranties, Limits of Liability
  4. End-Game and Special Clauses: Disputes, Termination, Special Terms, Open Source Software

Shorter focused topics include:

  • Artificial Intelligence Contracts: Drafting and Negotiating
  • Top 6 Mistakes in Cloud Services Agreements
  • The Indeminar: Indemnities in IT Contracts
  • Key Liability Terms in Contracts about AI, the Cloud, and Other Software
  • IP Terms in Contracts about AI, the Cloud and On-premise Software

Tech Contracts Academy founder David W. Tollen teaches all courses. He is an attorney and one of the industry’s leading authorities on software licensing, cloud computing, and AI agreements. His forte is taking big, complex topics and making them simple, clear, and user-friendly.

Tollen is the author of The Tech Contracts Handbook, a perennial American Bar Association IP bestseller. His experience includes teaching IT contracts at UC Berkeley Law School and testimony as an expert witness, as well as service as General Counsel of a publicly traded software company and as VP of Business Development for a tech startup. He began his career at a global law firm, and he founded Sycamore Legal, PC, a boutique law firm in San Francisco. His clients have ranged from Silicon Valley startups to some of the most influential companies in the world. Tollen has degrees from Harvard Law School, Cambridge University, and UC Berkeley.

David Tollen is a sought-after industry thought-leader and speaker. His speech and article topics include legal issues surrounding AI, software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud computing, software licensing, open-source software, privacy, technology procurement, big data, and data security, as well as intellectual property.

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Tech Contracts Academy® offers tech contracts training through its catalog of IT contract training courses, covering AI agreements, SaaS and other cloud computing contracts, software licenses, and related topics.