Tech Company Invonto Extends Coronavirus Work-From-Home to September 2021

Invonto, a NJ-based technology consulting company, shares plans for getting employees back in the office and a follow-up on its technology assistance program for U.S. businesses

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Bridgewater, New Jersey-based technology consulting company Invonto recently shared an update on its business, including plans for getting employees back in the office, a follow-up on its technology assistance program for U.S. businesses, the future of its VR Roadshow events, and a new initiative to support American businesses.

Invonto employees started working remotely from home in March. Since then, the Invonto team has adapted to remote work and continued to support the technology needs of all clients. While Invonto’s newly established New Jersey headquarters allowed for seamless collaboration, Invonto understands the inherent risks of bringing employees back in the enclosed space during the pandemic. To ensure the safety and well-being of employees and their families, Invonto has extended the work-from-home policy until September 2021. 

“As a tech company, we have the required tools and practices in place to stay efficient while working remotely. In the last few months, we have successfully delivered several client projects while staying on time and budget. While working from the office has its advantages, we find it highly risky at this time to bring employees back to the office. And so, we’ve decided to continue working remotely until it is safe to return to the office,” said Maulik Shah, CEO of Invonto.

Shortly after the beginning of the pandemic, Invonto had announced a unique technology assistance program to assist U.S.-based businesses with their software development needs. Under this program, companies receive Invonto’s software development services at lower costs without compromising on quality or engaging in long-term commitments. Invonto is currently engaged in many exciting projects as a result of this ongoing initiative.

"Our technology assistance program offers great value to our business partners looking to meet their business and customer expectations while working with a limited budget. In the last few months, we've partnered with many companies to create innovative solutions for web, mobile, virtual reality, and machine learning. We continue to seek new opportunities where our expertise results in growth for our clients," Maulik added.

​In addition to its tech assistance initiative, Invonto is continually seeking opportunities to support local businesses. Invonto recently launched American Inc., an exclusive platform for U.S. businesses. The American Inc. platform helps companies promote their brands to customers who prefer buying U.S.-made products and services.

Invonto has been hosting Virtual Reality Roadshow events at venues across New York and New Jersey. Invonto's VR Roadshow events allowed participants to gain first-hand experience of virtual reality technology and its potential for businesses. In an effort to follow CDC social distancing guidelines, Invonto has decided to suspend all future events through January 2021. Invonto will instead offer virtual events to livestream VR experiences and educate audiences on the benefits of VR for business.

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