Teaser Trailer Release and First Impression of Return to Nangrim

Release of a new Teaser Trailer for the tolkienesque fantasy game.

Sycoforge will release a teaser trailer of the debut game «Return to Nangrim» on January 8th, 2021. The teaser trailer provides a first insight into the fabled universe of Arafinn to fantasy and adventure communities alike. The teaser shows wide-open landscapes with monumental dwarven statues, and a dwarf which though he looks troubled seems warm-hearted. Also, the teaser introduces possible enemies, a bold human-like creature packed in armor and equipped with a spear and shows zombie-like beings that now roam the darkness of the lost kingdom. Strong visuals and epic dwarven music give the teaser a Tolkien-style feeling.

«Return to Nangrim» is a VR-playable first-person fantasy adventure game with exploration, puzzle, RPG, and survival elements. The players are invited to an epic immersive transmedia gameplay adventure where they will have to prove their wits and skills to unveil the secrets and story of Nangrim. Explore Nangrim, once the great capital of the Stonebeards in the Nimbor mountains, overrun and destroyed by waves of bloodcurdling Uturi, which lies abandoned in the depth of the mountains. Abandoned, but neither deserted nor forgotten. Craft weapons to defend against creatures of the dark. Learn Hilduir, the runic language of the dwarves, collect and combine items to interact with the environment, and piece together the story, puzzles, and culture of this long-forgotten nation.

"In one sentence: It's like Hellblade meets Skyrim in Middle-earth!"

concludes Lukas, business developer at Sycoforge.

Sycoforge is developing «Return to Nangrim» as a VR-compatible game. This means the teams' approach is to enable seamless switching in and out of VR at any time during the gameplay experience. Therefore, players will not need VR equipment to get the lore-heavy fantasy adventure experience, but players who own equipment already can immerse themselves in VR to explore epic throne halls and mountain caves. Find out more by talking to the developers on Discord or check out the Steam page for regular updates.

Download the new trailer today as one part of the press release. Or link your article to YouTube where the trailer will go live on January 8th. Check out now and be the first to know! Further information such as studio pitch, pitch powerpoint, and videos, wallpapers and more are available to you by requesting backend access on our homepage.

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