Teamwork Bring Safe Water Solutions to Tanzania

MAJI KWA AFYA ("Water for Health") is an exciting collaboration between partners to bring safe drinking water to Tanzania.

Children of Tanzania

Clean Water is possible.

MAJI KWA AFYA ("Water for Health") is a collaborative effort between W.S. Darley & Company, Weill Cornell Medicine students, ASMK Foundation of Shinyanga, and H2OpenDoors to bring clean, reliable, and affordable drinking water to the people of the Busiya chiefdom in the Shinyanga region of western Tanzania.

The collaboration between different partners is awesome to watch unfold. If we all do what we do best, we can bring the most value to others. Clean water in Tanzania is a few donations away from becoming a reality.

Kevin Sofen, Business Development

The Shinyanga region is home to over 1.5 million people, but it is one of the driest areas in Tanzania. Geological surveys have demonstrated the presence of groundwater throughout the region, but most of this water is located deep underground and is not fit for human consumption. As a result, searching for clean water is one of the major activities of families living in the region, with some individuals traveling up to 20 km away to find their nearest water source. Especially during the long dry season, obtaining enough water is a significant and daily concern for many local communities in the area.

The goal of MAJI KWA AFYA is to raise money to install the SunSpring® decentralized water treatment solution in Nhobola village in Kishapu District, Shinyanga. The SunSpring® is an innovative solar-powered water treatment system that can produce 5,000 gallons of water per day for up to 10 years. This water will be sold to the local community and reinvested to other aspects of the community, such as school equipment. Moreover, since it does not rely on conventional fossil fuels, the maintenance costs of the SunSpring® are minimal from year to year.

With its permanent spring water source, Nhobola village is an ideal site for this project, and we hope to guarantee a continuous supply of clean, drinkable water to the community. Given Nhobola's central location, we hope to encourage local enterprise and expansion of the project to nearby villages, thus serving thousands of individuals in the long run.  

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This exciting project is a collaboration between four key partners: H2OpenDoors, W.S. Darley & Company, Students of Cornell Medical School and ASMK Foundation.

H2OpenDoors is a charity project of the Rotary Club that focuses on holistic water solutions for communities. In the past 10 years, H2OpenDoors has successfully installed SunSpring® systems in over 19 countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Nepal, and Guatemala.

W.S. Darley & Company is a 109-year-old family company committed to bringing safe water solutions to the world. Darley offers a range of water technology solutions for partners around the world.

The fourth year students at Weill Cornell Medical College involved in this project are dedicated to reducing the burden of waterborne infectious disease sources through clean water solutions. They have acted as intermediaries between H2Opens and the ASMK foundation on this project, as well as providing on the ground support in project planning via students on medical and research rotations in the region.

ASMK Foundation is a charity with the primary focus to help promote education to the disadvantaged youth in Shinyanga Town and Nhobola Village, Tanzania.

Source: W.S. Darley & Company


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