TeamDev's WISE Solution for the Smart Cities Visiting GCTC and Representing FIWARE

WISE Town of TeamDev is nailing its presentation telling its story of success at GCTC Tech Jam. Great honour of being one of the European start-ups and representing FIWARE delegation comes to the Italian start-up from Perugia. Involving the citizens into the urban management and simplifying the complexity of the city governance are the main goals of WISE Town creators.

On the 22nd  and 23rd of March, 2016 campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland visiting one of the most prestigious event in the world “Global City Teams Challenge”  workshop organized by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technologies). The event is dedicated to the innovations in Smart City projects.

This events serves for demonstrating the advantages of the proper cities and communities that are going to use Smart City solutions and will be used as an example of the model for the other cities.

The workshop “Tech Jam” allows to the participants to create partnership deals, meet other teams, deep in the success stories, and share their ideas about IoT applications for the Smart City solutions.

TeamDev is participating with the FIWARE group and presents one of the 50 cities taking part in the GCTC. The story of success of WISETown developed by TeamDev will be one of the European start-ups representing the FIWARE delegation.

Simplifying complexity and dealing with loads of challenges in the cities that they are facing are the main objectives of WISETown. Open Data and IoT envisioned and deployed into Smart Cities projects are the main things that make them innovative and desirable for the government entities and developers around the world. Synthetic dashboard makes the application a user-friendly for every person involved in the decision making system. Moreover, TeamDev’s project has an important advantage of involving the citizens into the urban management process by using their smart devices and giving a hand in solving the problems concerning waste, environment, urban green spaces, mobility etc. The special Geo-located alerts permits the appropriate ones to receive the information and make a WISE solution in a brief period of time.

Collecting data from the different public places in the cities and analyzing them, makes the WISE Town application an important tool for the politics to consume time and manage the urban problems in a cost-effective way. 


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