Team One Unveils New Website, Bigger Exhibit Designs in 2019

Team One Exhibits launches new website while debuting a massive graphic exhibit at the IPPE Expo.


Hot on the heels of designing and creating a massive exhibit booth for client Haarslev at the IPPE Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, Team One Exhibits launched a new, completely redesigned website.

Team One Exhibits wanted to offer their customers a renewed experience online that would deliver the information they sought out. The new website features impressive graphics and easy-to-use navigation. The site also showcases past exhibit booths that were custom designed or used as a rental so that new customers could gain inspiration or see proof of Team One’s talent and ingenuity.

Christian Groff explained, “The main reason we decided to make a change and relaunch our website was simply because things are constantly changing — we just needed something that was a little more capable of putting out relevant information to the people who needed it.”

While working on the new website, Team One prepared their client, Haarslev, a poultry processing equipment developer and manufacturer, for the IPPE Expo. The event was well attended with more than 33,000 attendees and 1,420 exhibitors at the February 14, 2019 expo.

The size of the show demanded a grand exhibit space. Team One created an extensive graphic spread for Haarslev, complete with both dye-sublimated graphics and SINTRA mounted vinyl graphics. Overall, there were 664 square feet of graphics in this impressive display. The graphics were displayed in Haarslev’s 20x40’ peninsula exhibit that was designed by Team One. The expansive booth included a large header canopy secured with fabric suspension extrusion that was approximately 20 feet long and 15 feet tall.

Team One’s massive design for Haarslev also included a huge video tile wall that was six tiles tall by four tiles wide for an approximate size of 120” tall by 80” wide. The video tile wall showed looping video of Haarslev’s machinery alongside information about product lines. The back side of the booth showed large 3D lettering so that no matter which direction the booth was approached, visitors would have something visually appealing to see.

Overall, it only took a mere 12 hours to complete setup for the exhibit space thanks to smartly engineered technology. The on-site show supervisor noted that everything came together seamlessly.

Team One Exhibits is taking 2019 by storm by building larger exhibits than ever before. Check out the new website to learn more about what Team One is taking on next.

Team One Exhibits has produced award-winning exhibits, graphics and displays for customers large and small since 2003. For more information how Team One Exhibits can expertly design an exhibit booth for your next trade show, visit or contact Christian Groff at 678-354-7101.

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