Team One Keeps Victrola's Vintage Appeal Fresh at CES 2019

Team One Exhibits' Victrola booth a CES 2019 standout with unique design and visual elements

Victrola booth at CES 2019

Team One Exhibits, a Georgia-based exhibit production company, created a standout display for Victrola at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. One of Team One Exhibits’ largest rental booths to date, the Victrola island booth featured a white brick background and enhanced lighting to showcase Victrola’s new old-school line of products.

For the Consumer Electronics Show, many exhibitors seek out flashy, technical displays that mimic the technological prowess of the company’s product offerings. Victrola, a musical entertainment staple, chose to hone in on their authentically vintage roots by offering show visitors a spotlight on new product offerings along with a spin through products of the past.

Of Victrola’s display, Team One Exhibits’ Christian Groff said, “Victrola had a different message - their product is marketed to consumers from twenty-somethings to baby boomers, so they wanted to convey their message so that every person just passing by would even be impacted. The booth was more in terms of simplistic, elegant design to go with their beautiful products. No one else was really doing that.”

Nostalgic images of record players and jukeboxes of the past were printed on vinyl and dye sublimated fabric graphics. The large display featured everything from Bluetooth-enabled neoclassical technology and retro record players to furniture pieces with integrated speakers and music-playing technology. The vinyl wood flooring with extra carpet padding and the images of the technology of yesteryear were comforts that drew more visitors to the booth for a reprieve from the hard concrete and harsh new electronics.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest consumer electronics trade show in the country with over 180,000 people in attendance and more than three million square feet of exhibit space. The Victrola exhibit was a spacious island display covering 6,300 square feet with a vast variety of record players, stereos and other music equipment for consumers to try.

Of the exhibit space, Groff said, “Last year, we had built a 3,200-square-feet booth for Victrola and this year, they wanted to expand to 6,300 square feet. It was a challenge but it was well within our wheelhouse. We got the job done. It was a state-of-the-art booth but looked simple and elegant from the outside.”

Team One Exhibits works with companies large and small to create custom exhibit booths as well as rental displays like the Victrola booth. Team One Exhibits was present with an on-site show supervisor who helped to oversee the installation and dismantling of the booth, site prep work and shipping.

Team One Exhibits has partnered with Victrola at the CES show for the last two years to bring forth a memorable, unique display. Team One Exhibits’ quality products and service continue to be a showstopper at trade shows across the United States. 

Team One Exhibits has produced award-winning exhibits, graphics and displays for customers large and small since 2003. For more information about how Team One Exhibits can expertly design an exhibit booth for any company's next trade show, visit or contact Christian Groff at 678-354-7101.

Source: Team One Exhibits

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